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  • legofthebear legofthebear Oct 28, 2013 12:21 AM Flag

    Why it's a bad idea to sell ...learn more...

    For da last 5 years it didn't work out well, even for those who got in at the bottom of those nasty corrections. Consider that your 15% - 28% ordinary income tax on short term gains (my 25%), and unless ya'll hit da exact bottom and top, Yinz probably lost a whole heap of capital ya didn't have to. Consider gaps, taxes, commissions and bad timing and very few made out trading this market.

    I don't even wanna hear it from you shorts. I shorted everything for a couple of years back in 07 - 09. Once they started TARP and bailing out da banks, I took Rick Santilli's advice; DRINK FROM DA BAIL PAIL!

    This Bull has another 3 years to run. It won't end till Fall, 2016, right before da 2016 election. Two things will happen around then. First, companies will run out of cost cutting and asset sales to make earnings ( lower top line, higher bottom line). Second, da public will be sick and tired of QE and Da Fed. With cost of living rising 2x da COLA rate, everybody will finally figure it out., they (BLS) can make CPI anything they want. Yinz who doubt believe this need to know what's in them there 2,500 items da BLS uses to compute da urban CPI. They like to use a lot of techno products that have 25% - 25% annual price declines in their "basket of goods and services'"

    C Yaz - Da Bear Cares [CGDGE] ( Betcha we hit $245 - $270 on Da SPY before Doom & Gloom set in. Go ahead, make my day PUNK! )

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