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  • pud_pettifogger pud_pettifogger Nov 7, 2013 5:37 AM Flag

    Supreme court hearing case on public prayer....america! Still a backwards stupid fat fuq nation...


    The constitution is clear...there is to be a wall between religion and the state. A giant fuqqin wall. This should have been settled years ago but noooooooooooooooo!! In backwards bronze age tard infested fat fuq america it's still under debate.

    Common sense should have settled this long ago. Appeal to the supernatural does not make for better decisions. In fact it makes for worse and dangerous decisions. History is littered with psychotics and mass murderers who were told by a "god" to act out in some perverse manner. The suicide bomber community is entirely prayer based. The dead kids of "faith based" parents who enlisted the mercy of the deity instead of medical treatment attests to the stupidity of calling on the supernatural.

    Would you want your president reading tarot cards? Consulting his astrologer? Praying to Yaweh the god of war? Or would you prefer him making decisions based upon logic reason and science?

    In all my life I've never witnessed a time more dysfunctional and backwards as this. Instead of racing forward with all our great knowledge and technology, we're busy creating a new dark age. America! Fuq yeah!

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    • I think anything that helps us be intolerant with each other is a step toward the future and should be deemed inevitable.

    • puddie, you don't believe in the Bible, but you believe in zero hedge. Zero hedge is a crackpot blog that has been wrong for years. How did you get scammed by that bunch of losers?

    • xtgeminiman Nov 7, 2013 6:51 AM Flag

      You preach your religion of global warming almost every day. Stop being a hypocrite.

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      • My biggest problem with this man-made global warming nonsense in they COMPLETELY IGNORE THE EARTH'S RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SUN.

        Why has the Earth been warming for thousands of years, melting ice, raising the sea, and creating deserts where once lush, tropical savannahs flourished?? Oh yeah, it's the SUN, stupid..

        So, along comes these morons and they take their little nanosecond readings and say "hey look, we have the "rapid rise" (this kills me, rapid rise compared to what?? 2 seconds ago on the ions scale??) and man is causing it!!" Oh really?? the Earth's relationship to the sun, i.e wobble effect, Milankovich Cycles, etc non of this plays into their models?? (Pud posted some stupidity a couple of weeks ago about how the sun has nothing to do with the Earth

        Well, no wonder their models are completely worthless. And, they keep missing their "predictions"

        It's just as valid to say what's occurring is a perfectly natural cycle.

        This global warming nonsense isn't science, it's one big con game.

        And people that lack logic and common sense fall for it every time..

        The latest stupidity really makes me laugh "There have been 30 hurricanes in the Pacific this year, and it's man's fault!!" Oh really?? In the last 15,000 years, has there ever been a season where there hasn't been 30 hurricanes in the Pacific?? Is this the first season EVER with 30?? Maybe there have been seasons with 40..or 50...or a 100...?? We just don't know..

        See how frigg'n silly this nonsense is??

        Science?? HA!!!!

      • Perhaps you're confused because you think a 6000 year old universe is science too.

      • religion is "belief" without evidence...climate science is evidence led it is not "faith"

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