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  • pudocalypse pudocalypse Dec 27, 2013 5:29 AM Flag

    Why rising rates guarantees a complete collapse of everything...


    We live under a credit is money system. This is a fact and that lying ugly kkunt Nancy Pelosi, sick as she is, was correct in saying "credit is the lifeblood of the economy"

    All credit of any kind is a mortgage on the future

    A student loan is selling your future wages, a home mortgage is selling your future productivity, a consumer loan is pulling forward future demand etc etc

    All debt is a claim on the future.. It is pulling forward demand into the present which by definition reduces future demand.

    An individual can only mortgage a finite amount. His expected lifetime earnings is the absolute limit. Not one cent more credit money can be created beyond the maximum earnings a lifetime can produce.

    Peak debt is a real event horizon.

    Imagine if you can a world where every single human has borrowed from the future the maximum amount that is physically possible....every credit card maxed out, every mortgage maxed out, every credit line maxed out...what then?

    Since credit is money, all the money that could ever be created would be created. Every penny of wages would be allocated to debt service. Not one grain of rice could be purchased beyond this point. The financial event horizon.

    This is the system. This is the gravity of the black hole financial system that by design is built to reach this point.

    We are very close now. Why do you think mortgage apps are at 13 year lows even as mortgage rates are near historic lows? Peak debt. Students with 1.2 trillion in debt cannot borrow to buy a house. Or a car. Or a big screen tee vee. This is true across the board from students to nations. Peak debt is peak consumption is peak is all downhill from there...default into the black hole.

    This is math not opinion. This is fact. This is the end. This is a law of the universe that no fed on earth can alter.

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