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  • darwins_assistant darwins_assistant Jan 10, 2014 9:52 PM Flag

    Janet should do something really cool, instead of

    being a paid off lackey.

    She should buy a crop-dusting bi-plane, don a pair of leather eye goggles, and load up with a million dollars worth of hundred dollar bills and 'dust' America's rural Main Streets with cash as unannounced surprises.
    She could do this 1,000 times and make a much bigger impression on confidence than spending the equivalent in 4 hours of manipulative QE time.

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    • They do that but they just give the cash to the banks so they can rob old lady's passbook and savings accounts and send them into poverty.

    • You don't honestly believe that QE was ever intended for anybody else than the banksters do you? Those dollars have intended purposes, and it has nothing to do with the economy.

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      • Yes, I know. Well know.
        My belief is that the situation has changed and a new Fed strategy may be viable, way outside their policy boundaries.
        Creating sustainable employment under a different competitive model, a segmented model where it acts like a collective of people working in the same way as the free market economy, making goods, but they trade within their own segment, circulating capital among themselves, and sustaining themselves with their own wages. The Fed finances the startup of a rather complex integrated economy to serve perhaps 20 million Americans, building and making things for each other, trading among themselves like a small nation.

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