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  • veloocity2000 veloocity2000 Jan 19, 2014 1:42 PM Flag

    At this time every year S/P posts an update to 2014 EPS ...

    For morons, "as-reported" earnings are earnings as reported to the tax authorities, and can more or less be thought of as real earnings. "Operating earnings," on the other hand, are what companies like you BS you into thinking are real. They exclude one-time charges and other things that companies find unattractive. Let's call operating earnings – earnings before interest and hype and other illusions of prosperity are just around the corner. So, S&P gathers the forecast earnings data from numerous TV analysts and other liars and amalgamates it in one big pile of silly guesses along with the history of actual earnings. The forecast for 2014 as-reported earnings was $106 in late December. Now it's $119.70 – up 13% from the previous forecast just two weeks ago and up 20% versus the 2013 estimate of $99.42, or in other words, complete BS! At the current rate of forecasting the S/P should easily rise 40% plus, provided we still do not have an economy in 2014 just like we saw the last five years!

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    • in 2nd qtr 09 as reported earning bottomed at $45

      a 40% decline from peak.

      and you terminal f ups were falling all over yourselves shrieking and squealing how earnings were gonna collapse to 30 a share.

      a cesspool of you terminal f ups puking out your

      and i was out there pounding the table to buy the market across the board,
      and pointing market was back to late 1980's valuations,
      and pointing out the forced selling by mutual/hedge funds had come to a climax,
      and pointing out market was at a once in a generation buy opp.

      and you terminal f ups sneered it off.

      market set its capitulation low that same day and took off and has never looked back.

      and here we are today, 5 years later....

      and as reported earnings have shot up 133%

      and you terminal f ups grope for a clue.

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