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  • cockus_domingus cockus_domingus Mar 5, 2014 9:11 PM Flag

    The current market comparison to 1999 is uncanny... bagholder ALERT!

    I was just reading some guys take on this and it truly is freakishly similar. If he's right, we could see another year of a relentless climb into the stratosphere. This is EXACTLY what would be needed to A) Completely decimate the last standing short and, B) Pass the bag of smouldering stinky dog $^$# to the small 'individual' investors who come running in next year to buy the top. I was trading back in 1999 so I remember it well, in fact, one weekend, about 1 week before the VERY, VERY top. I was at the library and ALL the financial books were GONE and there were all these 20 somethings, hipster-type guys sitting on the floor, frantically paging though what was left. I knew at the time it was a 'sign' but I thought it would take a while to pan out. GOD! I wish I had shorted everything as soon as the market opened but how was I too know it was THAT much of a sign? But that's how it happens, the 20 somethings who bought earlier start bragging WILDLY at work etc., and then finally their buddies at work who know NOTHING about stocks finally cave at the VERY top and naively run in and buy everything! It's been 15 years so there's a whole new generation of bagholder just waiting to get fleeced next year!

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