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  • xtgeminiman May 11, 2014 9:39 AM Flag

    Barry Says Climate Change Is The Biggest Threat Facing America!

    LOL! Looks like Barry is going after the Pud vote....

    Obama last week defined climate change as the most pressing issue facing the country. Obama did so as part of a huge public relations campaign — yes, campaign — that included asking people to pressure Washington to act on the issue.

    Not jobs. Not the economy. Not rebuilding our aging infrastructure. Not gang violence, or education.

    Climate change.

    And he and his party ridiculed anyone who disagrees.

    A couple of things about all of this smack the sensibilities of regular folks.

    First, most people know Earth's climate always has changed; everyone knows about this little thing called the Ice Age. What most people don't care for is the issue being used politically to slice and dice the country, the same way the minimum wage, gender, race, immigration and religion have been used by this administration.

    This is why folks do not look toward Washington, D.C., to solve problems anymore. This is why young people — the Millennials — are so turned off by the brands of both political parties, a one-time advantage that Democrats have completely squandered.

    And this is why we have wave-election cycles.

    Also, most folks who don't live in the privileged enclaves of high society or high academia or high government would argue that other, more pressing crises — most of them hidden in plain sight — should be considered the gravest threat to our country in our lifetime.

    Things such as subpar graduation rates in our inner-city schools, or the 90 million people who have left the nation's workforce in the past six years, or our economy being less entrepreneurial now than at any point in the last three decades — or that a Brookings study showed, between 2009 and 2011, small businesses were collapsing faster than they were being formed.

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    • 1. There is no direct evidence that CO2 emissions are the cause of climate change, hence, we cannot be even remotely certain that reducing CO2 emissions would result in reversal of the process.
      2. Nobody has any clue as for the rate of the change. Just about every prediction made on this issue has proven to be wrong.
      3. Until some serious consequences of climate change become evident (i.e. large scale food shortages, coastal floods, etc.), there is ZERO chance of getting international support for any meaningful action.
      Right now, we have no real alternatives to fossil fuels.
      4. In this stage, the only viable action is to invest heavily in alternative energy research and cleanup methods.

    • Barry says the solution is higher taxes and bigger government. Wow, those Dims sure are original thinkers. Make up a fake crisis and solve it with confiscation and government control. Thanks libs for destroying America.

    • Same isn't about climate changing's about the rate of change and our contribution to a rate that forbids adaptation

    • How is it that 5% of the world population is going to clean up what 95% of the other countries aren't interested in, it was global warming now it is climate change?
      The reason I go to church and abide by the bible is I believe it is true, that Jesus is coming back after his followers.
      If you believe in global warming why are you flying private planes at ever chance, burning millions of gallons of carbon fuel on vacations that aren't necessary? Live in houses that are much bigger than some motels? Then tell me I need to double my FOOD & ELECTRIC bills so you can waste more in a day than some of us will in a lifetime. The real truth is you don't believe what you are selling.
      This Story on Yahoo home page = Marco Rubio: I Don't Believe Humans Are Causing Climate Change
      I can't post on huffingtonpost - will not give them my info to give away or sell.

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