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  • rqtect Aug 7, 2014 10:13 AM Flag

    Putin is the next Hitler

    Just a lot tougher and nutty.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • rqtect Aug 20, 2014 10:13 PM Flag

      Thanks for the love boys.

    • An you think our Govt is any better.....unlimited taxing,regulatory agencies threatening, IRS, NSA, executive powers being usurped, phones tapped, emails copied, Facebook monitored, monitoring our of country assets, limiting currency leaving the country, unlimited spending and borrowing, manipulating markets, threats and sanctions of foreign countries, providing monies and weaponry to terrorist countries, allowing illegal immigration and related dilution of a nation's sovereignty, voter fraud, promoting welfare fraud, nationalizing industry(mortgage lending, automotive, banking, student loans, health care).......on....and.....on

    • America would do the same thing he is doing if we thought a new neighbor was moving in next door that we didn't trust. Hypocritical do think anything different. We travel the world looking for fights...he just wants to keep his neighborhood under control.

    • That guy must have been cloned at least a million times because he keeps popping up in the popular imagination of America. Anybody that doesn't immediately bend to the will of the US gets slapped with that label. Almost to a man (or woman) on this board, you all claim to despise Obama, the do-nothing congress and the MSM. And yet, pathetically, you all parrot everything they do and say when it comes to foreign policy. The two most pervasive are "Putin is Chitler" and "Isrl is only defending itself" (as it slaughters the innocent civilians it keeps locked up in an open air prison, using the world's most advanced military machine - so incredibly brave that IDF!). You should hear yourselves pathetically believing and asserting everything these supposedly despised institutions want you to believe. If Alexis de Tocqueville were resurrected and revisited the US today, his resulting epic book would be called Hypocrisy in America. Yahoo is doing an especially good job of it as well, deleting highly opinionated but otherwise perfectly rational posts.

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      • the only way for minority to rule the majority in a democratic country is to set an agenda and a storyline. that's why we get two deeply polarized parties that are supposed to entertain us with their hunger games. but it's only when it comes to domestic issues. look how quickly they pass sanctions or approve aid and weapons delivery. they know when the games stop and when they are to march along. amount of hipocrisy and printing lies by ny times and taking it back by ny times can only be compared when we were primed for iraq war.

      • "you all claim to despise Obama, the do-nothing congress and the MSM. And yet, pathetically, you all parrot everything they do and say when it comes to foreign policy."
        No, I know Obama sucks and he is a total idiot when it comes to foreign policy, ok. If you're going to be a weak kneed leader, you should at least stay out of other peoples problems like Rand and Ron Paul would. Either way - lead like Bush would have or back off like either Paul would - just don't be a wishy washy idiot like Obama!

    • Hitler wasn't all that bad, he liked dogs.

    • rqtect Aug 7, 2014 10:37 AM Flag

      I shouldn't say anything bad since he has all my passwords....

    • probably not

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