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  • casesuzz casesuzz Aug 21, 2014 9:03 PM Flag

    You Know Uncle Ben (was) and Dove Yellen (is) to scared to raise rates

    You can see it in their eyes and in there weak postures. Uncle Ben was flying blind and just loved printing play money for years and years. Hell I can keep a hot air balloon is the sky for ever if I keep burning green back day in day out. Yellen looks like she was born a dove and one has to wonder if she has a back bone much less a spine. Over the last year the U.S. economy has improved dramatically yet Janet can't handle that or the fact that she might have to be the one that whispers "rates going higher in 2015" Tomorrow she will act like the U.S. economy is still on life support, no real wage strength and gee threat from abroad (slowing Europe economy - slowing China economy). Yellen will say "Gee we've printing play money for so long, what's another year doing the same thing. Its only money and we need to keep rates low so we can get another Housing Bubble and High Tech Bubble".

    Yep helicopter Ben and Dovish Little Yellen - two Fed Chiefs who never had the guts to speak plain English and do the proper things - Like raise rates by the end of 2014. YEP - the Fed is always behind the curve, a day late but never a dollar short.

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