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  • cujo2345678 cujo2345678 May 27, 2011 2:29 PM Flag

    if you short this thing now you're absolutely retarded

    let me guess, all you idiots out there shorting this are late middle aged or older who don't understand the power that linkedin has over many markets. they have a complete monopoly on the professional social networking marketing, they will probably put (MWW) out of business with their job search engine, and they have a huge customer base that unlike facebook, is made up of professionals willing to subscribe and pay to the service.

    This could run to 200+ by the end of the summer and you idiots are buying $50 puts with IV of 95 or higher. Good luck with that one dummies.

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      1) Facebook is valuated at $100B compared to tiny $6B market cap of LNKD. LNKD has the 10th largest web traffic in the world.

      2) 1 Million new user in China in last 3 months. LNKD is the only American large web company that is not blocked by Chinese government. Facebook and Google are blocked by China and Teeter is facing difficulties in China. LNKD does not have political agenda and therefore is not blocked by China. See

      3) 21% traffic growth in last 3 months compared to 6% of Facebook and negative 5% of MSN. Obviously LNKD is growing at expense of facebook and other social networks. See

      4) Fastest traffic growth among Facebook, Tweeter, Google, Yahoo and MSN. See

      5) PE of 128 in 2012 and 64 in 2013 . See yahoo financial and

      6)) Earning growth of 186% in 2010 . See yahoo financial and

      7) Linked in is the 21th most popular website in China. This is only a few slots behind Amazon's China ranking and they are expected to overtake Amazon shortly (globally they are already ahead of Amazon).

      8) LNKD has really capitalized off of Facebook being blocked in China and growing fast by not having a political agenda.

      9) Globally LNKD is increasing by over 1 million users a week. China and India are the fastest growing counties of LNKD. See

      10) Linkedin is more than a job recruiters tool. Users find value in buying the premium service to develop business contacts. See article from the National Law Review.

      11) 72 out if the Fortune 100 companies use LNKD hiring solutions,

      12) LNKD grown is 58% since the beginning of the year. They are on track for over 100% annual growth rate

      13) LNKD has a complete monopoly on the professional social networking marketing. LNKD will probably put out of business with their job search engine, and they have a huge customer base that unlike facebook, is made up of professionals willing to subscribe and pay to the service.

      14) LNKD is a takeoever target according to NYT article. MSFT , Google are interested to counter the growing impact of Faceboo and tweeter. $6B market is a small money for MSFT and GOOG

      15) After Skype, MSFT is interested in LNKD .There is a lot pressure on CEO of MSFT to bring new web biz to MSFT.

      16) After crashing 50% from its peak , LNKD is very oversold and ready for a wild bounce

      17) LNKD has only 7M shares float out of 94M. This low float makes it an easy job a huge bounce.

      18) Too many short sales retails are posting on yahoo msg board. this is a clear sign of oversold condition.

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      • Unbelievable. This is literally the 21st time you have posted your "18 reasons." I've noticed that there is a strong correlations between your posting this same spam over and over and LNKD going DOWN!

        Everyone: search the board for "18 reasons." You will see that this is nothing but some spammer.

        Are you being paid by someone to post the "18 reasons" over and over?

    • it's so clear this was overvalued, sympathy for the poor saps that got sucked in by the hype, the country and market environment just aint right for this kind of b.s any more. dropping to its fair value now

    • Only an imbicile would buy this crap overpriced with crap revenue.. its a 15 to 20 buck stock.. ask the 122 buk bagholder... Can u say heavy put options.. its another renren... Stop .pumping bagholder..

    • you are the one retarded for being long this crap hehehe

    • i dont have any position in this at all, but if you really think that linked in is set to explode, you really are retarded. I thought it was a $10 stock when it started, and I don't know who the out of touch people are that you are referring to, but it doesn't look like anyone actually uses the site. and you are comparing it to monster? lol, good luck with that


    • dude, you sound desperate, did u buy at $120

    • LOL...Sorry but just wanted to keep this post bumped.....all the way to $45

      BTW on may 27 when you posted the stock closed at 88.32

      Oh and yes I am middle aged and getting grey......Think I''ll go golfing with the money I made shorting LNKD....

    • Hahahaha... this is a huge load of crap.. I am a daily Linkedin user.. but I don't pay anything. Anyone with half a brain can utilize LI for free with zero need for an upgraded account.

      This stock isn't running anywhere but down hill..

    • let me guess, you're a young dumb retard that doesn't know how to value a company out of a paper bag if your life depended on it.

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