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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 25, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    PANIC BUYING coming to LNKD, 175 or higher by April


    I returned back home to watch this LNKD TECHNICAL BEAUTY roar upward into the close, exactly as I predicted it would do upon market opening, despite idiot attacks from the usual mentally challenged LNKD AMATEUR BASHER FAILURES.

    The MEGA BULLISH LNKD trading pattern comes as NO surprise to experienced market vets who have PERFECT understanding of TECHNICAL BULL market trading patterns. Moreover, there are many many TECHNICAL reasons why LNKD MUST continue to GAP UP dramatically for weeks to come, as per its CONFIRMED PANIC BUY WAVE:

    1. There are MASSIVE amounts of liquidity entering the market from retail specs and funds are targeting much of that liquidity into CONFIRMED BULL stocks like LNKD
    2. Old Baldie and his wall street puppet-masters have indicated repeatedly that they will provide ongoing SUPPORT for their pet FAVORITES such as LNKD (all of which have had Goldmutt acting as a lead underwriter) and they will do so through earnings season and only the most obtuse AMATEUR dimwit has failed to recognize that FACT.
    3. Old Baldie and his wall street puppet-masters contrived the Apple "disappointment" in order to create a NEGATIVE environment for tech stocks, thus SCAMMING tons of wrong way PUT purchases from the usual gang of AMATEUR small spec BASHER SUCKERS. Whether they realize it or not, ALL their LNKD PUTS are effectively WIPED OUT now, as happened to the JAN cycle PUTS.
    4. As it stands, MOST of the LNKD FEB calls are already well in the money, while the LNKD FEB PUTS are ALL falling out of the money. THAT is categorical PROOF that the pro funds have been WRITING most of the WORTHLESS FEB LNKD PUTS, while purchasing most of the in the money FEB calls. Given the thin trading liquidity of LNKD PUT derivatives at various strike prices...given the requirement that the oily LNKD specialist MUST make a market in those thinly traded LNKD PUT derivatives strike prices... then that means you can also be 100% CERTAIN that the LNKD specialist himself is WRITING a huge slice of those WORTHLESS LNKD PUTS....that is because NO small spec amateur would ever take the risk of WRITING PUTS on any kind of naked basis, ONLY the LNKD specialist himself would do that since he can move the stock around as he chooses. As any market vet will tell you, those who bet against the investment strategies of the PRO funds or the specialist himself ALWAYS get MASSACRED, period.

    This sure as hell AINT rocket science, NO need for "special" wall street "advisers," all you need is an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY for what it is.

    Good weekend to my sweet little LNKD BASHER best re-read this SMART post many times until your slow brains comprehend it...and when you do, you will choose to emulate the market pros and vets LNKD long stock and calls positions, instead of trying to stand in front of the ROARING MEGA BULLISH LNKD train!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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