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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 16, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    Ignore desperate LNKD basher scumsters whose PUTS are about to expire WORTHLESS on FRI


    I love this mentally challenged LNKD BASHER LOSER who repeatedly posts his many retarded theories about why LNKD will close near 115 on FRI. NOT going to happen, sorry, boobie-boy!

    What he FAILS to realize is that SMARTER pros constantly SUCKER AMATEUR DOPES like him by placing all kinds of DISINFO material into the market via their captive BIg Media shills.....all kinds of NONSENSE news stories about market value exceeding fundamental value, etc.....and the AMATEUR BOOBS repeatedly FAIL to realize that TECHNICALS ALWAYS RULE in the near term.

    stocks will constantly and radically overshoot current fundamental valuations simply because....repeat after me, class...the stock market is nothing more than a barometer of FUTURE market at the moment, the market is simply valuing LNKD based upon FUTURE expectations....and the key FUTURE expectation is that upside MOMO for LNKD will radically exceed downside MOMO on a net basis.

    Ladies, this AINT rocket science, it's easy stuff any five year old child can understand....NO need for all the overpaid and overesteemed PHONY wall street "experts," most of whom owe their positions to rich daddies and useless ivy league degrees that only prove that they know how to read lots of books, even if they lack basis common sense......all you need to understand how the LNKD TECHNICALS REALLY WORK is an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY for what it is.

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