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  • lnkdforbegginners lnkdforbegginners Jan 22, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    Upcoming earnings ...

    We have all experienced in the past where LNKD or a similar stock will report poor quality earnings, but the financial press will come out with a story about how "great" the earnings are, how well the revenue compared to the PRIOR YEAR the price will shoot up. This happened before over the summer. The story about the quality of revenue or earnings, the PE, the sustainability of the growth never get discussed because it is counter productive to the goals of those managing the price.

    My personal belief is that the people and institutions managing the price of LNKD and other stocks, with infinite fiat money printed by the Fed will keep the price rising until the market breaks, which given the level of control that the computers have on market prices, this means that a lot more has to break than just the markets. Maintaining illusions is in their best interest of those with the free Fed fiat money (translates THE TECHNICALS in _insect speak)

    I would be very wary of expectations that earnings will be bad. Because price is not dependent on fundamentals or real technicals, but on what is in the best interest of those with the free and worthless money.

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