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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 6, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    What if Insect is wrong ...?


    If it falls 15%, given the heavy leverage utilized and the largest position of LNKD calls and WRITTEN PUTS effected to date, I suppose I would lose the entire past year's profits....and would be answering quite a few margin calls.

    CONVERSELY, if it JUMPS 15%, the profits are going to be MEGA fantastic.... over the top HUGE!

    Bottom line....the chances I am wrong are less than ONE PER CENT, based upon empirical assessment of LNDK HISTORICALS and MEGA MEGA MEGA BULLISH LNKD TECHNICALS......and given that my evaluations of stock sectors this past year (notably the DYING rare earths, golds, and silvers) have been nearly perfect.....given that my GENIUS in stock evaluations is second to none......given that I possess BIG BALLS OF STEEL and will NOT be "scared "by any PHONY BRIEF specialist-contrived DIPS in LNKD.....then I would say without doubt that I will be a BIG TIME WINNER again, by the time Friday the max....and my sweet little AMATEUR LNKD BASHER DOPES will be washing my car, shining my shoes and fetching me lemonade again.

    PS strangle trades are nothing more than "wimp trades," contrived by the wall street DISINFO machine, and solely designed to enhance brokerage trading profits, NOT designed to advantage the SMARTER PRO specs who have done all the necessary homework and sharp analysis, from square one, and who posses the BALLS OF STEEL to follow their convictions..

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