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  • viva_hdd viva_hdd Feb 10, 2013 11:12 PM Flag

    Potential new verticals?

    Listening to their conference call, I was hoping to get a sense of what the CEO's vision of the company could be in 5-10 years. He didn't mention any long term visions, but he did mention that they were looking, among other things, to expand and strengthen the enterprise vertical, e.g. Sales Navigator product. I see them competing with salesforce and Oracle/Siebel at some point with their own CRM platform.

    On the recruitment vertical, I'd like see them hire psychologists to develop a "29 dimensions of compatibility" personality survey to help job seekers match up with employers -- become the eHarmony of the business world. Something that would help companies check off the EQ checkbox. I would like to see them make the job seeking process more efficient.

    I'd also like to see them create a job training platform to help job seekers. Job seekers would be able to view videos and audit college courses and professional seminars that would help them keep current with their field of profession -- become a Netflix of training and seminar videos.

    I also remember reading that they might be looking into creating an Human Resources Management platform, one that might compete with WorkDay (WDAY).

    Google started out as a search engine then successfully expanded into email and Google Earth/Maps, both of which are seemingly unrelated to their core search business. The key to LNKD's future success is to be innovative and visionary -- give the people what they need before they even know they need it. They've good an incredible management team and one that I believe will continue to innovate.

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