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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 13, 2013 5:10 AM Flag

    INCREASED LNKD long and CALL positions to the max, again


    Ladies, this LNKD beauty has only just begun to GAP UP, exactly as I promised....and in case my sweet little AMATEUR LNKD BASHER FAILURES didn't notice, that 110 SUPPORT level I spoke about many many many moons ago never was remotely in danger of being breached. Those who followed my advice several weeks ago to purchase maximum positions of LNKD FEB 110 and 115 CALLS have made MASSIVE $$$$ PROFITS, to say the least, or haven't my sweet little LNKD AMATEUR BASHER DOPES figured that out yet?????



    THAT is why I tried to teach my sweet little AMATEUR LNKD BASHER LOSERS that, when it comes to purchases of CALL options, the SMARTER pros ONLY purchase the SAFE and EXPENSIVE in the money CALLS....while the AMATEURS typically purchase the cheap out of the money hi risk stuff. At no time were the FEB 110 CALLS ever even slightly in danger of wipe out, and their percentage gains are simply AMAZING, with even more gains to all the way into expiration.

    NO need to cash out the FEB LNKD CALLS until Friday afternoon, ladies, when maximum gains will be realized because, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the SMARTER pros WROTE most of the WORTHLESS LNKD PUTS, while purchasing MOST of the LNKD in the money CALLS.

    Ladies, NO rocket science here, NO need for "special" wall street inherited money ivy league boobster "advisers," all you require is an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY and THE OBVIOUS for what they are.

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