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  • hogan516 hogan516 Nov 20, 2012 7:27 AM Flag

    10K Shows All Kind Of Work Agreements Incorporating MIMV Into All MSFT Products

    Despite the 10k showing zero revenue, it shows that MIMV is involved with everything search related at MSFT. This is what MIMV needed to get it off the ground. Yes, there was a going concern paragraph which is boiler plate for all small companies, but the foundation appears to be set. The MSFT partnership is real and now we have to see what kind of backing they get. MSFT obviously isn't going to let this company struggle anymore if they're tying them into all their products. Look now for a MSFT cash infusion or a buyout.

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    • They got some revenue:

      "As of September 30, 2012, the Company is a development stage company. A development stage enterprise is a company that is devoting substantially all of its efforts to establishing a new business and either planned principal operations have not commenced or planned principal operations have commenced but there has been no significant revenue. From August 7, 2007 (date of inception) through September 30, 2012, the Company realized revenues of $89,175 primarily from enterprise consulting services."

      right out of the 10-Q

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    • I am long and read about the $$. It looks as if everything they mention was about administrative fee for giving out stocks to employees? I am missing something? Went from strong buy to hold

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    • That's how I read it. The rest appears all boiler plate

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