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  • cbyankows cbyankows Nov 28, 2012 1:21 AM Flag

    Honest opinion about Mimvi Presentation

    I think that all the posters need to watch the you-tube video of the live Mimvi presentation today. While I am a long and believe in this company they truly showed how unpolished they are. The presentation was very poor , they were nervous, Franks was the only one who even appeared to have his stuff together. It was like watching four amateur's do a dog and pony for an audience of 10 people. Another disappointment was the lack of attendance. Like I posted before, the reason they had three press releases on this event was because they were not getting any response from the trade. I was embarrassed for them to be honest, I felt sorry for the Mimvi team with the pathetic event they produced. Remember, I am long, but must call it as I see it. I am sure all the pumpers will bash me however, some of your pumping is really pathetic. If these guys are going to move forward they need a real PR company to handle these events for them and they need a professional spokesperson to speak for these guys. Public speaking is not everyone's strength. We have seen our weakness today and if the mgmt team does anything they need to watch the tape back and make the correct adjustments before doing this again. If I was not a believer in this technology I would have sold today too, just due to the poor presentation. It lacked everything necessary to convert and attract new investors. JMHO

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    • OK. Anyone see any trades yet today? 2 plus million yesterday and zero 12 minutes into the trading day...hmmmmm

    • They delivered the goods as they said they would. It will be interesting to see what happens when they have the IOS platform. Apple has had troubles in the past with mobile app search. They have a talented team, and a good product, I don't care if they are nervous when they speak publicly. Have you ever hear Larry Page speak publicly, it's not much better.

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      • The presentation overall wasn't entirely impressive but I believe that was mostly due to the presentation skills of a few members of the MIMVI management team. Mike and Kevin both gave a feeling of uncertainty because of this with Mike probably being the worst public speaker or presenter of the group. I felt both Kasian and Eric did well but was disappointed the more positive feeling news came in the Q&A AFTER the actual presentation.

        Things do sound positive going forward, however, my concern is the third party MIMVI app versus being integrated into Bing or a main search engine, as I believe most of the dumpers yesterday expected to be part of the news. For now, basing everything on users using their app requires knowledge of the app to find other apps. How long will it take for consumers to jump on a 3rd party app to find what they're really looking for and not just stick to using the old app stores?

        Kevin indicated "their phone has been ringing off the hook" and they have much more in the works that they couldn't comment on plus much more in the works with Microsoft. Here we're left to speculate - integration to Bing? Other partnerships? Etc.

        The overall management team's presentation wasn't entirely blown-away impressive but I think the main message came across in the end and that's why there was only a sell-off of 500K-1M shares. In the end there's a bright light at the end of this tunnel and this management team's history speaks highly for them.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yes, this was not a great presentation although I don't think it was quite as bad as you make it out to be. Eric Rice seemed to be the more polished of the group and they probably should let him do the presenting from now on. The audience seemed to be a few office workers on their lunch break.

      If you looked past the style though, you learned a few things. The difference between Google's search engine and Mimvi's search engine and why Google is not a competitor in the mobile space, the revenue model is basically the same as Google's, Mimvi is available on the Windows 8 platform and will be available on Android and Mac shortly. Poutre said Windows 8 will be released shortly. I thought Windows 8 had already been released, or did I misunderstand that.

      Money makes the mare go as they say and we'll see if all this works.

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