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  • hogan516 hogan516 Nov 29, 2012 3:08 PM Flag

    Why Would Company Need To Raise Cash If A MSFT Partner?

    From yesterday's presentation, I've concluded this company is a complete phony. When the CFO got up and babbled about being in a cash raise right now, I realized the came to the conclusion the company might be a complete fraud. Why would a company the size of MSFT let a key partner struggle to raise it's own cash and take the chance the company won't survive? What a complete joke. These guys are in business to sell stock, not a search engine. They told us MSFT gave them cash. Where is it? What did they give them, lunch money? I ran from the company at a loss. This one is going down the tubes. The only thing that doesn't make sense is how they got to make a presentation at the Nasdaq. Other then that, I thought they made complete fools of themselves except for Franks, who sounded intelligent. They didn't have anything compelling to say or to make one want to invest. On top of that, it became evident they named themselves a MSFT partner. On the other hand, I'd imagine MSFT never even heard of MIMV. What a joke.

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