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  • sjsnamaste sjsnamaste Jan 17, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

    Microsfts mobile allies SA article today;


    read it for yourself.

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    • Also, Franks specifically mentioned Google buying Youtube to get into the video search arena... and now Franks is getting into a company that's mission is to "develop a proprietary technology platform for pictures, movies and videos."

      Mimvi has been called the Google for the new era of internet, and it looks like they're doing exactly what's needed to get to that point.

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    • If you base your investments off of Seeking Alpha articles, you should not be investing.

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    • Have you not taken your meds today? If you had any amount of reading comprehension, you would note that he addresses the "Microsoft is raising an army" article in which Mimvi was mentioned. In the current article he is pointing out "...other companies out there that are also worth looking at in this light." in which CHAG is mentioned... It's a good thing that both companies are getting exposure, because as Franks said yesterday, these companies will benefit from each other... I'd recommend you buy both....

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