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  • candletrader13 candletrader13 Jan 17, 2013 5:59 PM Flag

    Anyone wonder why...

    It has been so quiet since the Nasdaq presentation? Clearly they stated that they were already in talks with investors and looking to raise capital. It seems like we would of heard something by now about a placement or loan. It could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

    I can't imagine they would have a hard time finding an investor based on the product alone. Even if it wasn't the best platform everyone wants a piece of the mobile/app business. I'm sure someone would throw a measly million dollars at MIMV...and that would cover expenses/debt for some time.

    So either they could not find an investor or something bigger is in the works. I like the idea of something bigger.

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    • Quiet?

      Did you listen to Franks on Paltalk?

      Anyway, Mimv is unrecognizable from the Mimv prior to it's Microsoft

      Since then Mimv has given a presentation at the
      Nasdaq Marketsite, Finished it's Advanced Search
      App Engine, Mimv Mobile App being released on
      Microsoft Phone 8 and now Apple, Hired Media
      Veteran Jeff King, Partnered with Entrepreneur
      Media and Mashape, and finally closed it's merger
      with Lone Wolf Inc, for three million less shares
      than originally agreed to.

      Seems like Mimv has put it's Capital Raise to good use!

      And now Mimv Countdown App!

      Mimvi Countdown App is described as:

      True discovery begins far before your launch! Pre-launch is the most crucial time for the success of mobile apps. The maze of app discovery is growing larger every day.
      Through our extensive social research, we've noticed that launching new apps is much like a movie premiere.

      In order to be successful on opening weekend, you must have a stellar sneak preview - which is why we are proud to announce Countdown App™, by Mimvi.
      •Offers an app store optimization head start

      •It creates user engagement and social sharing

      •Helps you stay connected

      •Creates a VIP experience for early adopters

      Also Mimv/Microsoft Partnership continues to expand.
      With, at some stage, Mimv looking to close a Revenue Share
      Agreement with Microsoft, that will drive Mimv all the way to
      Nasdaq and possibly see an all time new Mimv
      pps high!

      Also look forward to nice spread in one of Entrepreneur Magazines
      upcoming issues, March the latest!

      That will also be a major score for Mimv with Larger Investors
      taking a peak at the Mimv Machine!

      Listen Google started off in someones garage and was originally
      named Backrub.
      Similiarly, Mimv has had it's own share of growing pains
      here in the basement of pennyland.

      But, also like Google, Mimv using it's advanced and unique
      Search Technology will climb to the top.

      Where Google broke out in PC Search and Advertising.
      Mimv is setting up to break out in Mobile App
      Search and Advertising!

      Which is perhaps the Biggest Growth Sector of our lifetime.

      And Microsoft is doing it's part to make sure this happens.

      Exciting Times!

      Go Mimv$$$

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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