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  • d_vanrij d_vanrij Jan 20, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    How will mimvi ever make money?

    Mimvi will be powering Bing. Bing powers FB

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    • Well every Company has a Revenue Model and a Buisness Plan.

      Mimv's is full steam ahead!

      Just look at the Search Services they offer.
      And what Market are they trying to reach.

      App Developers, Mobile App Search, Advertisers,
      App development, B2B services, and Host Platforms,
      like Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, as examples.

      According to Franks, Mimv is currently generating Revenue.
      Mimv has contracted with Five Developers.

      And looks to generate more Revenue through Mimv's Partnership
      with Microsoft and it's Partners, according to Franks.

      Shouldn't that be of some excitement for shareholders.
      They had $0 Revenue and 0 contracts as of their last filing.

      Just to show people I am not just a " Pumper ".
      I will say this, Mimv and Franks are certainly good promoters.
      And have definately presented the future Mimv as it was the present Mimv.
      And I think this may hurt them come next Financial Filing.

      Mimv to me is a risky stock.
      But low risk.
      Mimv to me has potential.
      Great potential.

      My opinion Mimv will be mainstream and on Nasdaq in two years or less.
      There is just so many opportunities in the Mobile Sector
      for Mimv to Fail.

      Short term, Android release in three weeks.
      Apple live before that.
      Eric Rice article, to present the way Mimv will bridge the gap between
      the Web and Mobile.
      Suppose to be a big deal, according to Franks.

      I am not shore about Mimv's Countdown App.
      I assume something is coming on that.

      The Chag uncertainty, made worse by shorts, did not help

      This is a telling week.
      If Investors see value in Mimv, which I believe they will,
      we should soon see a bottom here and stabilize ,with slight rise in pps.

      Folks until something Big happens, which is possible, expect fluctuation in the pps.
      Until more news hits.

      That's just how it works here in pennyland!

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    • really good ? with the likes of cash flow and James.Mike helping them!!!

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    • jmck6193 Jan 20, 2013 2:26 PM Flag

      My question is.....Will it???
      I'm in Heavy at .40 cents wow
      Don't know if I should buy on the dips and avg. down or just wait it out!

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    • You do the math!

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