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  • edwarddpeters edwarddpeters Feb 11, 2013 5:43 PM Flag


    I'm starting to wonder if Kasian has a huge short position. This is getting a little ridiculous. Planted their flag right in my bank account bull #$%$.

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    • It has all happened on vey low volume and zero news. We went thru this very same thing in mid December and if you recall, after bottoming at .25, it started a climb to .40.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I do remember that, but this time it looks a little different, maybe a Android release will get us back over .40, but it's still a long way from a $1 to get listed on the NASDAQ. It just sounds all bad, no Samsung deal, Patent Pending for over a year, even their partners are dragging their feet, does EM even know they still have a pertnership with Mimvi, for that matter does Microsoft even know. I've fallen in love with stocks before and it didn't end well. I'm seeing .10 in their future, and maybe if I go short I can recoup some of these losses. I hate to say this, but maybe 236 is right. It's not personal just business. I find it funny that Poutre claims to be this big money manager, actively-managed Israeli stock, & largest wire house firms. I can see it now, a big boiler room pumping Mimvi while Poutre shorts it. I don't think he manage his way out of a dark closet.

      • This story gets worse the deeper you dig.

        Look at the insider ownership, closely read the prs regarding MSFT, look at Eric Rice and pathetic Lone Wolf/Smash, use the Mimvi search and compare it to Google Play,MSFT Store,Apple Store....just type in "gun games" and see who has the best results....realize MSFT already has revenue share with developers. Why present at Nasdaq if they are Google of app search (IBS would come to them)? Where are the companies lined up to finance like talked about at Nas presentation? Why is Franks taking a position at another company if he is sitting on the next Google? Why do I use Mimvi search and when I click on a gun game it shows me that other users who clicked on this app also liked the Tide app...does not seem relevant or helpful(gun game app +soap app=relevance then 1+1=5). Why finally file a patent app after all this time? Why would an Apple user care about Droid results...why would a Droid user care about Apple results? Especially when in my opinion GOOG MSFT and Apple have a better app search product. I thought maybe with the new cash it could of come from MSFT...but at this point it could be gone since 8k filing said their cash is in a non-interest-bearing account with less than FDIC limit (250k). Franks already bankrupt one company....and the 8k clearly spelled out a second strong warning if they do not get financing.

        The story was great considering the explosion of apps moving forward and I fell for it after reading Seeking Alpha. But my dd tells me something stinks and the product is not what it is hyped to be. With the current financial position I am not sure how anyone can sleep at night. I will tonight after dumping my position and taking the loss at .26....MIMVI could still trade for a long time only because it is an OTC. But it feels like Russian Roulette with the gun half full without any financing news.

        All opinion but don't stick your head in the sand even if you are down big. Just look and dig for an hour. It is well worth it.

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