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  • candletrader13 candletrader13 Feb 28, 2013 9:10 AM Flag


    They inked a deal with CHAG....another company with no fundamentals....last q they did 23k in revenues and lost 124k. Not to mention Frank's works there. Who would bother posting a pr about inking a deal with such a pathetic company like CHAG. Just as sad as Lone Wolf and Smash Networks. A whole string of garbage companies. and skewed prs. Read the prs again...they are not as significant as they sound when you look at the details of these "partnerships." The air will come out soon. The technology is inferior to all of the big 3's app stores. A buyout is highly likely. Where did Seeking Alpha run off too?

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    • I'm not sure if this board is full of dreaming fools or misinformed investors. Wake up and smell the coffee....MIMVI technology sucks and no one is buying them out. MSFT GOOG APPLE.....all have better search app engines and have paid listings so why on earth would they want to team up with an inferior company and cut them in on profits???? MIMVI search relevance is a joke. Try the darn product and compare it to the big guys and you will see this was all BS. Going under .10 imo

      I was fooled because I did not do my homework. If you are not here as a pumper to unload your stock you better look into this instead of foolishly saying "Thanks for the cheap share!"....because you will get plenty more soon.

      Smash Networks....Lone Wolf....what a joke

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      • I am not a good samaritan...just one of the fools who bought in and took my loss at .26....and is much is I hated taking the loss... thank god I did. This company has a terrible product and has twisted the prs to make it sound like they have/had a partnership with Microsoft that was something it was not. As I pointed out earliar....if you go back and read the prs closely they are worded in a way that focuses on "partnerships" However you could just be a developer and work on MSFTs Azure platform to produce an app and still be considered a "partner." So maybe Franks needs to elaborate further but unfortunately he seems to have a new job even though he is supposedly sitting on the next "Google of apps" But yet he has to work with some other #$%$ OTC and could not get any investors after making a desperate attempt of a presentation at the Nasdaq. He must be a good poker player the way he spoke with such a cocky little attitude like he was some kind of genius and that his product is/was the future of app search and no other platform had Mimvi's capabilities.

        Mimvis app search is irrelevant and a completely inferior app search program compared to MSFT GOOG and Apple!!!!

        If you don't think so then you do not understand technology. Just go to Mimvi search and search for "gun game" or what not and look at the results. Then see what other people who searched for that app searched for as will see the results are pathetic. Someone searched for a gun game app but also search for Tide soap and how to speak Italian???? Wow this stuff is spot on...lmao

        Goog and the others already have a far superior platform and will not share their revenue/profits with a company like Mimvi. They actually have a solid platform that is device specific. Again Apple users want Apple apps.....Droid users want Droid why the f#$%^& do they care about seeing results for other platforms???? Results that are awful.

        These guys are a joke..

      • then why are you here. good Samaritans. LMAO

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