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  • splumb13 splumb13 Apr 16, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    Listening to the Conference Call...

    I have listened to the entire conference call, and here is what I have gleaned. Kasian, Poutre, and associates seem very focused upon company development, and are very confident about the future of the company. Several questions were asked about Microsoft's involvement, and said again and again that they cannot discuss the financials of the agreement. That being said, they seemed very comfortable with current cash in hand, and rebuffed any rumors of dilution vis a vis a reverse split. I got the feeling that while little was said about Microsoft, that if funds were needed for financing, that MSFT should not be ruled out. They answered a question regarding willingness to be bought out, to which they replied buyout was not their desired goal. Instead it is the development of a premier app search engine, of which they feel has nearly unlimited potential. They spoke about reasoning behind recent hires, and their choice in hires who had a wide breadth of experience, and demonstrable success in previous technology ventures. Management seems very driven and passionate about the future of Mimvi, and did not sidestep or dodge any question. They instead answered honestly and confidently, and never with any sense of anger or hostility. Future launches of Mimvilink were discussed, and other milestones mentioned, but more than anything I think management was trying to portray their fervent dedication to both the development of the company, as well as their concern for the well being of its investors. While no earth shattering news was released in this call, it at least restored my faith in the potential of this company. Even if the desired success takes a few years to fall into place.

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