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  • storagelh storagelh Nov 22, 2005 4:01 PM Flag

    Ride em Cowboy

    With the markets going up everyday, there is no end in sight. They will always sell em to ya at the top and buy them back at a lower price. What a country !! Klac looks like 55 is in the cards as the markets need a no-nonsense blow off rally. Not bad for a sector that all the big dogs, klac, amat, nvls, etc. all lowered guidance going forward. The games of wall street always are intriging

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    • Sorry, didn't mean to get you all stirred up I must have misunderstood your post. I thought you were saying that you agreed with going against logic and so I took it that you were buying klac. Didn't mean to get you all riled up, take a few meds and call me in the morning darling.

    • Bear, thanks for the reply. Not quite what I was looking for, but still, thanks. Someday I would very much enjoy meeting you, if that were possible. A good holidays to you and yours too.

    • A few questions: can you point to where Bear said 'go long' klac now? I would very much like to read that, because that truthfully doesn't sound like his posts or words.
      Next, where in my post to Bear did I say was buying klac or buying more? If you didn't notice the tense, do read the sentence again. It says I have made good money this year in kla-tencor. I was stopped out of my long position on kla back in August near 51, but this was after jumping into it at almost 41. I made a mistake not getting back in when it came back below 44. Would I personally buy kla now? If the usual board posting suspects on klac start screaming 'short klac' even more than they have been, yes I would consider it and would hold until their chatter died away, or I was stop-lossed out, whichever came first.

    • Happy Thanksgiving, LC... and bigs, nysf, desert and the old boardies come visiting!

    • I saw bigs on the AMZN board calling to short it way in advance of it falling of the cliff. I also saw him posting to short AMAT in advance. No buckshot calls just straight up calls on each stock.

    • did you see the bull/bear debate in the afternoon on cnbc between joe battataglia (the bull) and some guy from schaffer research who was suppossed to be the bear? he was saying the indexes would go up another 3-4 percent from here, and HE'S THE BEAR!!! if the bears are buying whose left to buy? maybe the Eliot Wave people? lol.

    • Don't you just love Bonus drive season in the Hamptons? lol

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