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  • hmmmwhatgives hmmmwhatgives Jul 11, 2008 12:40 PM Flag

    No this is pure panic

    scooping up all I can at this level, running out of cash though. No frigin' way JBX is doing as poorly as this sell of indicates. The numbers will be no worse than expected and perhaps better. I know several folk that work for JBX and it's not as bad as most think. Feeling good with todays purchase.
    Good luck.

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    • Market will see the overreaction later today or tomorrow and I hope to see it settling in the 19ish range by days end. Unless they are closing all their stores, this is a super buy and a good trade should it pop over $20 again. We shall see...good luck to all

    • Absolutely agree. If I wasn't so scared of Q3 results, I'd take a full position here. The refranchising story isn't getting enough credit from the street. For anybody that has access to it, highly recommend reading the analyst reports from Credit Suisse.

      I only wish that there were Options for 2009 and 2010.

      I would expect the company to step in and support the stock this afternoon. They are aggressive when it comes to repurchasing. No better time than now.

    • Agreed - been out of JBX, but can not resist at 9 PE.

      Jack rocks!

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      • JBX has it under control--expect them to beat numbers..Food is better than any other..They have contracts in place to cover any uptick in meats, veggies and beef--Its a steal and still the best in Fast Foods--Just lacks respect on wallstreet..But this to will pass..Its 50% cheaper than Burger King

      • I bought more today to average down...this has to be the worst day in the companies history without any news released.

        I am not adding any more after today's buy for the near term...this is getting scary...

        I have withdrawn all my available cash from my trading account back into my bank account to prevent any temptation to buy more.

        I know the markt is bad today, but a 15% drop is over the top. This is not a bank, it's fast food....and I can see no reason for the drop, but usually when this happens there is a reason. Just hoping that is just somebody wanting to liquidate....the low volume knock down is a positive.

        Today is one of those days to keep patient...AND TURN OFF THE COMPUTER.

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