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  • auraviewer auraviewer Jul 19, 2009 12:18 PM Flag

    Opinions on self serve kiosks inside dining area?......

    I walked inside my local JIB, and was somewhat shocked to see this ATM looking device located off to one side of the order counter. However, it was not an ATM machine, but apparently some sort of Orwellian food ordering/purchasing device--as though they seemed to be wanting to depersonalize/dehumanize the entire restaurant and basically turn the entire operation into one giant vending machine. I did not want to believe what I was seeing. Furthermore, it was unclear whether or not one was required to use this device in lieu of having a real person take your order(there was no one at the counter at the time because it was fairly busy at that moment), or as a separate service segment for antisocial types--much like a walk up version of the drive up window. There were no written signs anywhere to communicate and facilitate this change of business proceedure to the customer.
    The person in front of me was attempting to use this new kiosk(but was having difficulty), I opted not to participate in that crap and chose to move up to the counter and wait for a real person to take my order. A JIB employee finally came up to take my order, but sadly, the person who had been first/in front of me got frustrated trying to use this new kiosk--gave up, and fell in line behind me.
    As a once proud customer, as well as shareholder of JACK stock--I'm sensing there is someone working near the top of this company who is making toxic stupid decisions---the company needs to quickly determine who he or she is and either demote them to a position that more closely matches thier capacity for critical thinking, or else terminate thier employment and hope they go work for the competition.

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    • Takes a little getting used to but similar to ATMs it is the wave of the future and JACK is ahead of the pack. More importantly just now is to realize the stock has seen its current low at an intraday price of $19.89. It was a heck of an entry point and my hat is off to the J. P. Morgan analyst who spotted value for what it is in a weak market and economy, a way to limit your losses and benefit if anything at all goes right. Big J in L.A.

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      • I sold my JACK stock and have stopped eating there because I don't think the kiosks are a great idea---still think it creates an atmosphere of having the business turned into one giant vending machine.
        As for the poster who stated he likes the kiosks because he does'nt like waiting in line, well, why would'nt there be a line to use the kiosks? If people had trouble using the kiosk, then why would'nt that line take even longer to get through? He must be one of the boneheads in JACK management trying to "sell" the concept and pump JACK stock.

    • Keep in mind it is an option for people like me who do not like to wait in line to make an order. There is nothing Orwellian about it. You give your order to a real person; I give mine to a machine. We get our food at the same time.

    • Just saw this the other day, and here's my story.

      I glanced at the self-service kiosk, located right where the front of the order line would be (was no line at that moment). But, I didn't feel like using it, so I talked to the girl behind the counter - who took my money, then came out front, and put my money into the machine! "Why are you doing this?" I asked. "Oh, I don't 'have a register'" she said.


      Also, the machine would not accept half my bills, nor does it accept coins.

      But as I ate, I watched the screen, when it was not in use (which was most of the time). ALL kinds of graphics screaming "USE ME, I'M EASY!" I can see the programmers and marketroids at Jack had a fun time programming it, anyway.

      Then, finally, some tweens and teens came in and went right to using it, seemed to enjoy it.

      This is in Los Angeles, where the Ralphs markets at least are deploying self-checkout registers and expecting an increasing percent of customers to use them - and it seems an increasing percent, are. Not me. Not yet. Oh yeah, Home Depot is also doing this, and I did try that one.

      Seems absolutely nuts to me.

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      • The odd are the girl did have a drawer, but are under instructions from corporate to proceed just as she did, there are customer response metrics internally that show that 40% of customers, on repeat trips will go right to the kiosk, without approaching the counter, plus, frankly, the stores are under instruction that the kiosks are not to fail under penalty of termination, one ahould investigate who's making the $$ of the kiosk installation.

    • My kid likes it, always goes to it to order whenever we go in, thinks it's really neat to punch in his choice.

      Guess that makes him one of those 'antisocial types'....

    • No, I'm not a huge shareholder, but I had high hopes for JIB to do well for the long haul, and now seriously am having my doubts.

    • agreed; I see no value to this machine inside the store..unless they think it compensates for the inability of their store staff to communicate well in the language of our economy (ENGLISH). All they really needed was a small Debit/Credit card taking machine at the order counter (like McD put in 2 years ago).
      I see where they put alot of effort and resources to their Quick Stop grocery store fast food combo sites and that has now crashed and may be correct they are losing sight of their marketplace and floundering around aimlessly chasing silly ideas..I just hope these hair brain ideas are not coming from Linda the CEO ? I think they are best to keep the money going to TV ads with Jack as those are attractive to their target market audience and I think the ads really do stimulate demand and purchase desire. I think the franchisees see value in those ads also.
      They may also be coming in with to many menu items and combo meal varieties, after a awhile that gums up the assembly line process and confuses an iliterate staff...

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      • I agree the thing they do best is create ingenius ads(kudos to the ad guys/gals-- they do fantastic work!). I'm also a bit suspect on how well those mini burger/mini chicken sandwiches are doing. My guess is that thier major target for those items are females who don't want to feel guilty by ordering one of their huge burgers, yet in reality still want to wolf down the calories.
        The main oversight with this self serve kiosk is that in reality it is for THIER benefit(possible reduced labor costs, and what you said about tapping into the abusable non english speaking labor force also might be a consideration), and NOT the customers benefit. As humans, I believe eating/dining has genetically ingrained social elements, and mechanizing the process shows ignorance/stupidity. I'll be calling JACK's customer service number and try and get some clarification on what's up--and I'm not a "happy" customer or shareholder right now.

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