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  • john.heil2 john.heil2 Nov 29, 2010 1:11 PM Flag

    Buyout more likely now

    With JACK down at 20. rather than 24. the recent price, it becomes a much more interesting takeover possibility. So the old saying "blessing in disguise" applies on that basis. Given the great results at Qdoba, I am raising my estimate of what that spunoff operation is worth to holders currently, from 4. a share, to 4. to 5. bucks. And that certainly is not in the price of the shares now. Given the new share buyback program of $100. million, it is also very constructive to have the price of JACK down a bit. So ignore the traders yaking away their nonsense. One guy last week said JACK is vulnerable financially. Well, to show you the level of ignorance out there, the company just completed renegotiating its bank line of credit at an excess of half a billion dollars. You read correctly: half a billion. Plus, JACK's debt to equity ratio is a very healthy 40% which is a standout in the fastfood sector. All the best, Big J in L.A.

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    • Yeah, $20 is such a gooood deal. Too bad for anyone that actually bought into your Dec25 PUTS deal, but than again they could always count on your 'promise' to cover them after your 'guaranteed winner' didn't pan out....

      Hey, still a few weeks left, maybe it will go up enough so you could say, 'touldja so'.

      Oh, that other guy was prolly thinking of that self serving ex-manager at HP that ran for Senator.

      'All the best',,, indeed. :-P

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