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  • taratara145 taratara145 Mar 1, 2011 10:31 AM Flag

    yes debt to equity ratio is high...

    jack wont make you money but you wont lost much either but you are wasting captital here.
    it always amuses me how ppl post with such authority yet remain unsuccessful in the markets.
    your bullish stance on jack proves that you have little knowledge of stocks iregardless of your schooling.
    jack is NOT mcdonalds. jack will not make you money. but heck keep posting and dreaming.
    i am neither long or short. no real money to be made on either side.
    and there will be NO spinoff of qdoba with current managemnt. getit?

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    • I will make you a personal wager, you name the amount, that the current management will be the one that spins off Qdoba. You keep revealing your ignorance and everybody surely is LOL on every word you write. JACK could be acquired tomorrow for 28.+ a share. It is that appealing a takeover situation for some private equity group. The balance sheet is a thing of beauty in this respect. Finally my track record as an investor is impeccable and I am financially independent. In the last decade I rode McDonalds from 10. to 55. before switching into Buffalo Wildwings where we cleaned up as well. Incidentally, the latter highly successful company is run by two women----which only accentuates your ignorance and chauvinistic attitude when saying "chicks can't run companies." Please, go back to school and learn all you can about three subjects: finance, economics and the dynamics of the stock market. Then come back to the table and debate others and myself who are in an entirely different class than you are. This is not to put you down as I presume you are a very young person. But it is a word to the wise to be more circumspect in the way you express yourself. Big J in L.A.

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      • you are an older gentleman with old attitudes. apparently you are successful but look how long ti took you as you mentioned over a decade.
        on the other hand i made enough money to retire thru investing at my young age.
        if you had any knowledge of the markets you would know how many chick led cos failed including the famous jill who almost finished off mattel.
        no jack does not get acquired at 28+. this is a wet dream of yours and you want to suck other ppl into a losing situation.
        i admitted i had no position in jack. i made my money already. intersting that you claim you are independent but still spend your time trying to make a buck in the market? me thinks your nose growing longer...

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