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  • taratara145 taratara145 Mar 2, 2011 11:02 AM Flag

    jack is a joke for the hoi polloi...

    you have to judge your investment against other investments.
    so far you have made jack in jack while so many non-jack investments up 30 -1005.
    so at least foe now you are losing. unfortunately i will post the same in 6 mos...

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    • My cost in JACK is 18.00. I am way ahead of the game. I would caution you, you who are a woman, not to put down your sex that way especially in a public venue. Women are just as intelligent as men, just as capable of running a company, just as wise in making decisions. You apparently have not learned of your own value as a human being by continually putting down the sisterhood. The so called glass ceiling kept them out of the arena of business for many years, but now that they are being given a chance they perform admirably. Shame on you for thinking so negatively. God created all of us equal and to think otherwise is very wrongheaded. I just wish people like you would stay off these boards and that is the only reason I respond to you, to show you how wrong you are and thus discourage you from cluttering up the yahoo site any more. I am sorry if this sounds a bit tough, but I presume you are very young and simply need a lesson by way of admonishment. Good luck in your life, I am sure you are at heart a very decent human being.

    • maybe you can scalp a dollar or two a share with some quick trades in Jack's trading range, 21 to 24, but long term I see nothing that would make Jack a compelling "investment". Jack is in disarray with it's franchising strategy, Jack is a 2nd rate brand regional player surviving on budget pricing and short term menu innovations, got some major problems on the horizon..significant food commodity cost increases, gasoline costs eating away at their prime customer's fast food budget(young males and drive through). I just believe there are many better opportunities for a "long term investment". As for being a prospective buyout candidate, seems like that likelyhood is disappearing as financing money is drying up and the prospective strong buyers have already made their buys, i.e. wendy's, Carl's, burger king; whose's left that would want Jack and able to pay an attractive price?

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      • Jack has a far better balance sheet than either Burger King or CKE Restaurants had and a better long term outlook. Almost any well financed private equity group could take a shot at them, after they accumulated a substantial position in the stock. Then tendering at $26.00 likely brings out a competitive bid. That is about the easiest way to make $40 million I could imagine. And it could happen any day. You may rue the day you ignored Big J. Qdoba alone makes this a very intriguing play for some buyer.

    • There's a saying, "Timing is everything" - you must have bought JACK at higher prices.

      Why not buy more shares at these lower price, wait several months, and likely JACK will rise as most quality stocks do.

      Or, you should have spread your risk among JACK, WEN and MCD and figured out which was the winner over the last 6-12 months.

      Some will tell you, 'Jack-off' (used as a noun, not as a verb, lol)

      Come back in 6 months and you'll probably see JACK higher. It might not take that long.

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