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  • taratara145 taratara145 Mar 2, 2011 9:48 PM Flag

    final thoughts on jack going nowhere...

    one may wonder if jack so great why all the other fast foods got the bid....?
    the fact that you are so high on a losing investment can only prove that you have no track record if this is an example of your due diligence.
    now please don't make up things. i am not anti=woman,anti-mexican etc.
    ca growing? the desired class leaving that is major corporations , small business, and the ultra -wealthy. ca is bk. that is nirvana? huge taxes is desirable?
    ca at one time a beautiful place to live. i lived there during the 1980's for a time.
    now it seems your anti-pa. probably never been there. the cold? no problem for most of it i am at the seven mile beach in cayman.
    btw how much time bfyou admit your mistake? if 6 mos go by and jack at 20-22 was it a mistake?
    for sure no spinoff of Q and base jack in trouble.

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    • Hey Tara & Big J..forget about the silly "bet", we're all grown ups here and each of us can formulate our opinions about the individual discussion on this board we don't need this side show school yard antics..remember markets are made up of buyers and sellers and for every positive there will be a negative and combine those 2 forces and you get a "fair" price or at least price equilibrium representing the views of the whole marketplace..of course that is only true if it is a "free and open" market..which it is not, (it may have never been, which kind of destroys the "efficient market" analysis garbage analysts spewed out in the 1980's )..quite frankly I enjoy hearing the banter from both of you so keep those investment opinions coming...I've learned over the years to take all advice as a grain of salt and do my own diligence and mix it in with my own risk tolerance and investment constraints and I come out with a "custom" analysis/decision that is most effective for my needs...right now MY diligence says Jack shares lumber sleepily along for a long time; if you're good you can play it in the trading range to make a few fast bucks..I don't see any catalyst out there that would force management to make a deal,do a restructure or capitalize on assets with unregonized values, and the economics of the restaurant business is deteriorating...I also don't believe top management is fully aligned with shareholders interests; management is enjoying a great pay and benefit program they probably could not get anywhere else so why would they rock the boat on that? Sum it up there seems to be better opportunities that may appreciate faster than a long wait with JACK...I expect to continue to hear opinions from both of you..Good Luck to all..P.S. a poster had an inquiry about JACK's corporate history..I believe in the 50's an individual started the company and then it was bought by Ralston Purina and then I believe Ralston spun it out or took it public under the name Foodmaker Co. and maybe 25 years ago Foodmaker reverted name back to Jack in the Box Co. by the way Ralston is no longer the same it was cut up and spun off into several units. That history doesn't provide any value to our insight of the current situation only a story now...

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      • I concur with your sentiment. These boards should be for constructive debates about the merits or lack thereof of any particular investment opportunity. Trouble is I do not speak the same language as many of these participants having been a security analyst. They just do not have my feel for the market or empathy for the mind of management. I do know JACK quite well, am only 100 miles from their corporate offices, and am also in their largest market namely metropolitan Los Angeles. I can monitor things pretty well on that basis, plus I know some major holders and together we have a large position. However, it is only one of our situations. I am also an active investor in the space and am currently posting on the Chipotle site as well. Prior to that I was very active on the Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wildwings and McDonalds Yahoo boards. I do have a following and people know I am a very patient investor not leaving much to chance. Over forty years in the business has given me a keen insight to these matters. I do resent some very young person presuming to understand an investment situation when they really have no business commenting. I put down literally hundreds of naysayers in my career online as a blogger and commentator, especially those lambasting McDonalds at $10, my cost, and Buffalo Wildwings before things got rolling there big time. For those who followed my advice faithfully, they are very well off today. I involve in both stocks and options, long term investing and swing trading. I take no more clients because I am enjoying life too much here in sunny California. Another 70 degree day today. All of you have a great weekend. Big J in L.A.

    • OK, you promised "final thoughts" on JACK. But you still have not responded to my offer of a wager (you name the amount) that the present management will be the one that spins off Qdoba. If they sell the operation for $300 million, by the way, that in effect is a spinoff because of the increased shareholder value. So unless you respond to this email accepting my offer to wager, then please honor your comment that this was your final attempt to make sense. I, however, will continue to post on the Yahoo JACK page as the company continues to make progress over the next couple years. Big J in L.A. aka sunny California.

      (no need for groundhogs out here; it is perpetual springtime throughout the winter months, and many a summer day as well of 80 degree weather in January and February.)

    • You poor stupid foolish person, he has more time & experience in the 'business' than everyone else on this board put together, so you must defer to his superior judgment and wisdom.

      You will now beg his forgiveness, soundly slap yourself three times, and vex him no more.....

      (loud ‘har!!’ deleted)

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