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  • taratara145 taratara145 Jun 17, 2011 4:03 PM Flag

    stop it! there is no bid,no interest....

    the "action" shows nothing. stop making these things up.
    no bid mon,tues or the rest of this year.

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    • my picks six out of six winners in a bad market and not to mention the nice check that comes every month to buy some more jack shares on any pull back.

    • I only recently purchased jack an have a profit as of fridays close. I owned cke resturants the owner of carls that got taken private.I did well trading that one over ten years. I trade and have done well the pass few years.As for Cd,s I due keep cash around just in case but I mostly invest in closed end funds and now get about a 8% return. I have owned -CHY- HPI -HPF- HPS- HTD- NXC- and alot of others. They are thinly traded and can have large discount to their holding value (time to buy) or no discount or big premuim (time to sell). Many of these funds where up 30 plus % last year. They may be a bit toppy now,but I can not handle a Cd at .50%. I have been averaging about 20% a year with the closed end funds, I trade them and still like to be there on x-div date to collect monthly. If you have not heard about these funds check out etfconnect or morningstar -closed end funds discuss. Your broker will not tell you about them because they can,t make any commission unless they talk you in to buying a new issue and that almost always a suckers bet. Good luck short or long.

    • You sound upset did you have to cover your short this morning. How much did you lose. LOL you should wait till a hedge fund offers to takes it private and then cover when it is near $30.00.

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