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  • BUCKS4U BUCKS4U Mar 11, 1998 1:05 PM Flag

    Wendy's international

    Rumour has it that buffet is buying up WEN(Wendy's International) Also, talk of a Pepsico takeover! Smart money might do some profit taking here and moving it over to WEN!

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    • I'm nowhere near exotic in my trading! Wish I was
      that smart. All I meant was that I purchased, in this
      case some June calls with a 17.50 strike price
      (roughly "at the money", or where the stock was trading at
      that time). If the stock rebounds to the 19-20 area in
      the near future, and I see no intrinsic reason it
      shouldn't, then I should see a nice profit out of the calls.
      If it doesn't, then my risk is limited to the cost
      of the options, rather than the downside risk of a
      larger capital commitment to purchase more stock.
      Generally, the risk/reward ratio with options is not
      attractive; the cliche is that 80% of them expire worthless.
      But I felt comfortable enough with FM's track record
      in the considerable time I've held the stock to take
      on that risk.

      I hope that helps.

    • I'm interested in some of the more exotic stock trading practices. What does this mean, how do you do it, and what is the risk to reward ratio on this?
      Thanks for the stock trading lesson.

    • I spoke with the company this afternoon and went
      away, as usual, feeling that everything is going well
      and according to plan. I asked about margin pressure
      from high lettuce prices, but was told that
      fortunately there are offsetting reductions in meat and
      poultry prices. Raising prices is not a slam-dunk but
      they are making some progress there. Further minimum
      wage hikes could hurt if pricing is inelastic but
      that's an uncertainty, not an given.

      company is run well. Obviously some institution decided
      to bail for whatever reason. I took advantage of the
      weakness and added some at-the-money calls to a full stock

      Good luck to you!


    • Sorry about that.

    • I'm buying this stock at around 17, it seems like a deal - just like two tacos for $0.99. Does anyone think differently? Would appreciate some insight on the southernly did.

    • The price on FM has come down lately, but some of
      it was a hepatitis scare here in S.D., It should not
      be a serious harm to the stock price. The earnings
      came out after the market closed and they are pretty
      good, even before the $ infusion from the court
      decision against Von's. The stock should get back into the
      20's tomarrow, or at least next week. This is a good
      stock and they're growing. The jerk that wrote his
      message in all caps (#31) ought to read the rules of the
      board (etiquette of). Ray

    • The new meat seems to be a hit from what I have heard and tasted myself. Also shorter holding times for the meat.This summer should be a good one for Jack......


    • Please - you don't have to yell (all caps). Interesting - will check it out. But I've got a big crush on Jack.

    • Release date for quarter ending March, 98 is May 5th - Tuesday, next week. I bought a few shares in May of 95 at 5-5/8. I'll be sitting on the dock waiting for my ship Tuesday morning. Actually, I suppose the 3rd qtr - summer earnings - should be the really, really big one. I'm happy already.

    • take a look at a stock nyse; usv; 27.50

      company is a reit that owns in excess of 600 fast food /casual dining restaurants. Usv currently pays 1.48 dividend.

      usv has extremely aggressive mgt. And is currently looking to acquire 200 million in properties in 1998.

      usv/shell oil recently opened a gas station/convenience store/jack in the boix outlet in houston.

      usv has plans to open new/convert existing stations into convenience store/fast food outlets all over the country.

      usv is basically unknown tothe general investing public. This company could double is size during the next 12-18 month period.

      look for usv to have more ventures with fm, bunz, yum, ckr etc.

      usv is a conservative way to play fast-food,

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