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  • perryao perryao Dec 9, 1999 12:26 PM Flag

    This is crazy...

    Can't understand this stock. Great fundamentals,
    great management, same store sales up while competitors
    are down, 19 straight quarters of good earnings...and
    the price is down! I'm looking at options with an
    expiration just after the projected earnings announcement
    date. Any suggestions xtgo?

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    • I believe we kept seeing selling for tax
      I saw this in 98 on PSUN...bought then @ 16, went
      to 12, the to 30, where I sold...then split and went
      to 30 again..LOL..oh well....
      I was thinking of
      buying more JBX in the week between Christmas and New
      Years when I know that year-end tax loss reason is done
      See you all at 30+ in 2000!!

    • I think it's testament to JBX's underlying value
      that it can recover lost ground fairly quickly once
      the selling pressure subsides. Whoever wanted out of
      JBX was willing to dump shares at almost any price.
      Let's hope the drop to $18 3/16 was a blowoff and that
      the selling is over for '99. Larger bid vs. ask sizes
      have been pretty steady lately.


    • The new oils taste much better, IMO. I was never
      a fan of lard and bacon grease. I guess I am one of
      those do-gooders you refer to somewhat disparagingly,
      because I'm all for healthier food. But I did take a
      shower this morning.


    • The problem with all fast food fries is the oil.
      I wish they'd go back to the bad stuff they used
      for decades until the do-gooders raised a

      OT - Take a look at the press release that CKR
      issued this p.m. Looks like they shot themselves in the
      foot again. How low can they



    • JITB's cheesecake rivals my mother-in-law's. Simply outstanding.

    • Hey, we finally closed UP today. That's more like

      If you haven't already done so, try the spicy
      chicken sandwich, my favorite. It's not exactly a low fat
      item, but it's a nice treat with fresh lettuce and a
      juicy tomato. And if you really want to toss a nuclear
      bomb on your calorie allowance, order an Oreo Cookie

      Now, I have to say that I have never been a fan of the
      "new" french fries. To me they taste more like crispy
      grease and less like potatoes. That goes for all of
      other chains that have gone to this "crispier" method.
      And they get hard fast when they're cold, more like
      those old fries you discover months later under your
      car floormat. (and you don't want to think about why
      there's never any mold on them no matter how old they
      are) I wasn't a big fan of the old JITB slimey soggy
      fries, either, so I guess this is the lesser of two
      evils. My current favorite french fries are the crinkle
      fries at Del Taco. They still taste like

      As always, do your own research (especially when
      you're hungry)


    • Yesterday, with Tuesday's five star House of Pig
      sensations in lingering my mind's mouth, on the way home
      from a midday performance in Alpine, I stopped at a
      relatively new store in East County off of I8 for a late
      lunch. Imagine my chagrin when the fries arrived in a
      sub standard state of warmth and crispness. I told
      the nice young fellow at the counter that Jack and at
      least two Davids would definitely not be happy with the
      product. He returned shortly with a larger portion of
      right-out-of-the-fryer spuds. Jack would be proud. A good company


    • Also, remember that SSS were very good last year - they are having a tough year to compare to.

    • I agree that the ATO program can cause longer
      waits, but the result is fresher, better tasting food
      that most customers will be willing to wait a little
      longer for. But rest assured, JBX recognizes that they
      need to improve ATO throughput, and in fact they see
      substantial room for improvement, which they are

      As for your claim that "insider news of this
      shocking decrease in same store sales, has been leaked to
      small institutions...": NOT. The ATO initiative has
      been phased in over many months. If this was causing a
      decline in same-store sales as you say, why were the most
      recent 4Q99 PSAs still up 9.3%?

      BTW, comparable
      same-store average weekly sales are quoted for stores open
      one year or more, according to the management
      discussion in their 10Q.


    • I like your thinking. Well said. Unfortunately,
      value investing has been out of favor for a while now.
      And there are a lot of other good companies that have
      declined for no fundamental reason. Today we had 52 new
      highs, but 573 new 52-week lows on the NYSE. I guess we
      should feel fortunate that JBX is still above its own
      52-week low.

      Like you, I find it helps to focus on
      where we think this stock will be 6 months or 1 year
      from now, or even better, in 5 years when they are
      nationwide and the #4 or #3 burger chain.


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