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  • K_Stateor K_Stateor Apr 2, 1999 4:38 PM Flag


    So TTI has:

    1) Lost the Shell USA
    2) Breaking w/BHI in international locations
    Watching TX cut its P&A budget
    4) Seeing major CaCl
    inventory b/c of no inventory
    5) NO room on the credit
    6) NO cash flow b/c of major capex
    7) No mgmt

    this sounds miserable..

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    • In a word, YES.

    • I'm not even going to bother responding to you
      anymore. Your trading strategy and use of options is so
      completely opposite to my investment style that it makes no
      sense for us to argue. I note that most of the stocks
      you've mentioned have also moved down considerably. As
      far as that six month contest goes I imagine you are
      way behind - but of course you'll reply that you've
      been using options and shorting, etc. And that's

      Go ahead. Insult me. Do it all day long until your
      fingers are tired from typing. Waste all the time you
      like. It just doesn't matter to me what you think or

    • LT; speaking of showing one's face: I am
      surprised you can. You have been touting this dog for a
      year now, and it is still lower than it was then. The
      oils and drillers are up today, and of course TTI is
      flat. I have given up on trying to convince you of the
      folly of this play. I know, that sooner or later, one
      day, maybe even in this life time, it will go up some.
      THEN, out you will trot with "I told you so, I told you
      it would go up". Well, I am sure you know that a
      STOPPED lock is right for an instant two times a day, but
      it is wrong the rest of the time.

    • You said I was full of ----. Well, do you still
      think so?
      Maybe I should say that to you, but my
      mother taught me better manners. Anyway, let's here from
      you, that is if you have the nerve to show your face.

    • GLCC is out, they own OSCA and are already in
      trouble with their relationship with Dead
      Albemarle, is a good possibility, they seem to be trying to
      re-enter the oil field business again and what TTI owns
      that is not oilfield related might fit with the rest
      of Albemarle's business.
      In the drilling services
      sector,Tuboscope/Newpark. They seem to be putting together a competitive
      team and TTI would fill a vacant position.
      Out of
      the box thought or question, where does Reliant
      Energy get the chemicals for their new chiller system
      that was built to supply A/C to office buildings in
      downtown Houston.

    • ramadon25; you are dreaming. This is a dog; call the pound and have them send some guys out to pick it up.

    • Alblemarle is not interested in TTI's bromine
      There is a huge glut of Calcium Chloride and
      inexhaustable supplies by the majors.
      HAL and the other big
      players have excess capacity waiting to be used, they
      surely don't need TTI.
      Desperate to sell are you?

    • Albemarle /GLCC for the Bromine?
      Some Chemical giant for the Calcium Chloride position?
      MI / Haliberton / BJ/ for their oil drilling services?

      Wait until end of September !

    • I am very much aware of TTI's businesses. I used
      Hal and Rig because their names are easily
      recognized. Most small caps, that would be more analagous to
      TTI have had similiar moves off their lows.
      TTI is a "chemical company", but their earnings are
      leveraged to the energy business, notwithstanding the fact
      that energy prices on any given day is a poor
      indicator for their sales. Even Hal has indicated they do
      not anticipate increased earnings until activity
      increases, despite the rise in energy prices. Yet the market
      has bid other companies up in anticipation of a
      turnaround, while in TTI's case, literally, large holders are
      lined up to sell. If you have access to market
      information, you would find this to be so.

    • How can you compare TTI to HAL and RIG? HAL is a
      diversified oil sevices behemoth (19B cap). RIG is an
      off-shore driller, which is also some 25+ times bigger than
      TTI (3B cap). TTI is a small (110M cap) chemical
      company that sells drilling and completion fluids to
      drillers as well as a number of other products.

      is not an oil service company. The price of oil does
      not impact the market price of their products to the
      same extent as it does rig dayrates.

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