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  • back2mya back2mya May 20, 2008 12:30 PM Flag

    Whats going on with this stock?

    To be honest, I thought today was going to be the big day! But this stock is moving up and down like there is no tomorrow. Can anyone explain why?

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    • No....Yes....well maybe. Haha

    • the news today is old news. people bought in anticipation of today's news and some are probably selling the news. you've heard the old wall st saying-"buy the rumor sell the news"? frankly i expected a sharper sell off but this is a company which can surprise on the upside at any moment. since there hasn't been any hard selling and the fact that the lows keep getting bought tells me the stock goes higher. the close will be key. would like to see a close at the highs.

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      • Good answer. The selling came before the event. The event itself will set in motion a dynamic that is truly the reason for the stock runup in the past few months.

        First, the Skinny brand gets advertising, potentially across the nation, as news spreads of the free gasoline in these days of $4/gallon prices.

        Then people actually get a chance to taste the water. The reaction is expected to be very positive. We have to wait and see since most of us are just relying on second hand information and outward appearances.

        Third, people actually go out and purchase the product while telling others about it. Many will experience weight loss, and will give at least some credit to the product. All will appreciate the advantages over non nutricious soft drinks and calorie laden rivals (Vit. H20).

        Fourth, other distributors around the country will see the success and compete to be the ones to be part of similar launches in other large metropolitan areas.

        Fifth, this is the beginning of the building of the "Skinny" brand as a sound healthy way to consume nutritional and great tasting products while promoting weight loss and fitness.

      • Looks like there is a big sell order trying to get filled. It's either that or someone who's short trying to keep the stock from moving higher. Has 500k shares on the bid a few cents below and 500k on the offer. Sent an e-mail via the SEC's website for them to maybe keep an eye on it for manipulation.