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Skinny Nutritional Corp. Message Board

  • naquada3206 naquada3206 Jul 28, 2008 12:03 PM Flag

    love this stock but

    it moved from .18 cents to .33 in like 2 weeks thats a major movement almost 100% so i pulled some off the table just to be safe

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    • axcel Jul 31, 2008 7:12 PM Flag

      My store just got 4 pallets its going to be 10 for 10.00 at acme the week of aug 8th

    • at the moment the price indicates the risk. people who got in early r taking some $$.
      there r other 'skinny' waters out there without the name, which WAS a great idea, i think.
      i mentioned the product to someone & they said "so what, there's, so & so'..."
      AND, they need a lot more $$ to prop up more business, etc. which = risk + poss. dilution. remember the last drop? could easily happen again. they COULD b in other markets & haven't done so yet. hmmmm...
      anything like this (low price stox) is a crap shoot BUT better odds than Vegas... i'm holding & watching.

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      • Well in my experience, ALL ladies that I have asked (and I have asked 100+) if they would try a drink called Skinny water that has a natural appetite suppressant, the answer is ALWAYS ~ Yes. The next words out of their mouth is always, where can I get it?

        So we can talk about the technicals, we can conjecture about cash flow, we can criticize the distribution model etc. etc. etc. But as far as I am concerned in retail food and bev, the CONSUMER IS KING. And in this instance, ALL the consumers I am asking are saying they want it.

        Furthermore, I have yet to hear ANYONE, with any legitimacy, state that the product is junk and will not sell. And if they have said this, they need to go inform all the consumers that are buying that they are wrong!

        When you use common sense and look at all the market indicators objectively - including the consumer (which no one here seems to appreciate in all the conjecturing) there is no doubt this product is going to DOMINATE and thus I AM LONG. And it is very apparent the management team is using common sense to move product, and move it quite well in conservative steps that will conserve cash while building market capitalization.

        Good luck in all the SHORT pontification, and in the meantime I will use common sense and laugh all the way to the bank as this stock continues to shine over the LONG.

        Go Skinny! And thanks to all the consumers that are buying and ultimately driving up the value of this stock!

    • Let's not forget the rapid 8 cent to 51 cents move that Skinny made not too long ago without it even having it's anticipated product out on the market. I think it should continue to trend to the upside.

    • It is a wise move to take some profits up here. SKNY has moved very quickly and sharply to an area that is full of resistance on very little news. There has already been one Big money trade at 137,810 shares at 15:35 that traded which appeared to be absorbed without affecting the stock price. However, this may just be the first sign of meeting increasing resistance.

      It appears a lot of resistance will be met at around .38 if it gets that high, even much more at .43. Earnings is still a little ways away and we are still in a bear market where the bears could easily take charge again. All it would take is a few real big money trades to start a wave of selling pushing this stock back down to lower levels.

      If SKNY can hold .30, that would be a very good sign. I must admit, I am very surprised at the strength of SKNY in this type of market environment. Yet SKNY's excellent management has successfully implemented a remarkable advertising campaign, second to none, which appears to have been very successful.

    • stock did have a nice day today.

    • I am holding too. Been watching this stock since before its first parabolic move. I didn't want to buy too late so set my limits at 0.185 and I filled about ten days ago. Then I doubled my position at 0.253.

      If it takes out 0.50, its conceivable we could see $1.00 with no overhead resistance.

      Concern: The marketing and distribution deals cost cash that a start-up does not have. Their filing from March had them with less than a $1,000,000 and left open the prospect of another offering. I hope they don't dilute us more than we already are.

    • Just bought this stock last week for 0.30. A friend of ours is close friends with Pat Croce and he strongly advised them to pick some shares up. He said they will launch in the Philadelphia area, test the waters and then expand operations. They are already promoting it at the Jersey shore with free samples and the feedback is very positive. I plan to hold.

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      • Yea this stuff is awesome... some new redesign, some new flavors...which taste awesome. I think it's so smart that they are testing in the NJ area... it's a tough and very saturated market and if it does well there, well then it will have a lot of promise moving on. Vitamin water did all the work for them already by creating a niche through their SKNY just needs to step in right behind and kick their butts to the curb because it will become the new "in" drink. Not only that, it's a great market to be bought out too. Great drink, buy out target...what else can you say?

    • You and about 100 others today. Saw lots of 5k and 10k blocks of stock being sold at 0.34. Probably some trapped longs selling some shares for at breakeven too.

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