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  • kaylkayl69 kaylkayl69 Feb 8, 2008 7:51 AM Flag

    Time to wait it out?

    Is it time to sit back and wait, or maybe accumulate more? Decisions, decisions.

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    • I began to purchase this after Bush took office, said the sky was falling and it did. As the result, my losses have been negligable. If you look back, we have had major recessions during every Republican administration. Over the years I have just watched the market and prepared for it based on domestic and international concerns. I sold what I had been investing in prior to Bush taking office and, if you look back to the beginning of the Clinton years up to Bush, I made more profit than if I had invested in AEPGX. I hate talking about politics as an independent but... as our President's ratings fell, so did the market and the dollar. I am 52 and don't remember a time when the Canadian dollar was worth more than the American dollar. I think we all need to look now at the new world we face post Bush. It is a far more insecure and reactionary market than we have had to deal with before. Now is the time for cool heads with a keen eye on international politics and economics, as far as this fund and funds like it are concerned. We must all keep an eye on the US dollar's role in the future. Does anyone recall when alternatives were more attractive?

    • Yes, decisions, decisions. This is the recession that the press has been calling for so as their ad budgets go down and the layoffs rise, I say good ridence to the bums!

    • why would you buy this fund with a 5.75% load!? it performs equivalently with the EFA etf! it's so big it can't beat the index!

    • Are you crazy? We are nowhere near the bottom. It will be years before this loser comes close to recovering. Read the headlines. Inflation, dollar worthless, idiots running the Fed, gold at $1000 and headed up, oil at $100 and headed up. You are holding on to a POS. Cut your losses and run to gold, silver, copper. much more do you need to lose before you get it? The commodity run up is real and will be here for years to come.

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      • Precious metals are about 12% of my asset allocation and I probably will top off at 15%. I'm slowly increasing my contribution rate to international stock funds as well. EuroPacific Growth A is in my 401k. I see no reason to stop my weekly purchase of this fund. The US economy looks very bad. But I saw this credit bubble for what it was earlier this decade. International stocks should do well in the intermediate term while the US dollar continues to sink. Europacific Growth will reap the rewards of the declining Dollar.

    • It's down 20% from its high. How much further will it drop? I'm hoping this isn't 2002 all over again.

    • I am not going to sell this fund which is well-managed. It will come back, in my opinion. Probably not a good time to buy more.

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