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  • james141492 james141492 Mar 28, 2014 2:47 PM Flag

    I think they might lose as much as 15 to 20 cents a share this quarter

    At least that is what I think from looking at the report this morning.

    They started out with a profit of 6 cents per share, but then ended up with a loss of 6 cents per share because of that huge payout to the non controlling interest. That payout cost them 12 cents per share.

    it looks like from the reported backlog at year end that the revenues for this first quarter are going to be about half of what the fourth quarter revenues were. Because of that I think they won't start out with a profit before figuring in the non controlling interest this quarter. I think they will start out with a loss instead and then they have to figure in the effect of the huge payout that the non controlling interest gets. So probably a 15 to 20 cent per share loss in the current quarter when the non controlling interest is figured in? Maybe similar loss for the second quarter as well?

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    • Sounds as if you're going to short it. CHCI builds &, as such, there's going to be NEW projects with NEW profits. They've weathered the worst. Spring price bounce coming has nothing to do with the company. Reports can bog you down. Their financial situation is stronger now. I wouldn't short it.

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      • I don't mean to sound offensive, but may I ask if you are a crazy person or something?

        You say that their financial position is stronger now.

        Please explain how losing $1.2 million in the fourth quarter makes their financial position stronger??

        Please also explain how huge losses in the current and upcoming quarters is going to make their financial position stronger??

        I would like to hear the explanation for how this works.

        While we are discussing financials, I have a question about financials for you. Look at the numbers they reported today. They reported that at year end equity was $19.1 million, which was comprised of $14.2 million of equity belonging to the non controlling interest and TOTAL COMSTOCK HOLDINGS COMPANIES EQUITY of only $4.2 million.

        Now the payout to the non controlling interest in the fourth quarter was $2.4 million, but in the quarter they also had $1.2 million in earning to cover half the payout with. However in the next few quarters they are not going to have quarterly earning of $1.2 million to help cover the payout. In fact they may show losses even before the payout to the non controlling interest.

        Now put on your financial thinking cap and tell me what might just happen to a company that (a) had only $4.2 million in equity at year end, and that (b) has relatively HUGE quarterly payouts to it's non controlling interest (payout was $2.4 million in the fourth quarter), and that (c) has little or no earnings to cover the cost of the payouts with. Give me your brilliant answer to what would appear to be a train wreck in the making

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