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  • wallstdrifter wallstdrifter Mar 13, 2006 11:20 PM Flag


    We need a Megamessage to push this thing to $15.
    Does anyone out there in cybespace know why meggy has not posted lately?

    Please respond.

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    • I talked to his dad last night and ol meggy is really having a hard time. AEP turned off the power to his double wide trailer last week and the repo man hauled away his 1999 Toyota, Best Buy just came in and took his 7 inch big screen tv right in the middle of survivor and then on his way home from bingo the ATM machine took his last debit card, the receipt said "account suspended go away". But his week ended on a good note when he got that letter from Goldman Sachs thanking him for all his help and telling him he was a major player and that his advice helped them achieve huge profits seems they have been advising all clients to buy when meggy said sell and sell when meggy said buy, in-house they call it a "reverse meggy". Then of all things when he took in his computer in for a tune up at radio shack they discovered that some of the keys were in the wrong places on his keyboard (it must have happended 3 years ago when he dropped it and some of the keys came off and he glued them back in place) the guy at radio shack says that every time he typed in buy it came out sell and when he typed in moron it comes out meyaga. But the topper on the cake came when he finaly opended that lettter from the IRS (the one he has been afraid to even look at) guess what it says? they told him that he does not ever have to file a tax return again in his whole life, something about he has been moved to a new tax exempt bracket and he is now considered a non profit person under the revised tax codes, it seems that his losses in the stock market over the past 3 years are more than enough to cover any money he might ever make. Can you belive his luck? His dad says that he is just one of those guys that everything he touches seems to turn into a pot of gold. His dad said its just like when he sold his chicken farm to that stupid guy named Tyson back in the 80's and now with all this talk about asian bird flu those guys who said he was dumber than a box of rocks are sure eating there words.