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  • meyaga_neckone meyaga_neckone Mar 28, 2006 12:52 AM Flag

    Listen you clowns

    This is irrational exuberance. How do you justify this rise in price? Where are the contracts? Where is the extra revenue? They have negotiated their deals and they are long term. You should sell..else you will suffer in the end.

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    • Keep up the good work Meggy - Today is what is commonly refered to as a "double reverse meggy in the grab your ankles and take it position"

    • Don't buck the trend moron. We're accelerating.

    • so tell me meyaga, how's that 8.51 short holding up, hrmmmm? I recall making a bet with you and I bet you're glad you didn't take it...seems I'm within inches of winning that bet that I made at back around $10...remember?

      I bet you that the stock would hit $15 before it ever came close to $8.50...gee, sucks to be you. That was back when you were calling me a wuss for holding. At least I wasn't shorting...

      I'll be out at 15ish...with a 139% profit on 20K shares and a 404% profit on my initial investment. Thanks for the ride guys!

    • Contracts? Extra revenue? Surely you must be joking ... the wisest poster to this board has declared that none of these things matter.

      "Nothing but crude prices moves this stock."

      But you might want to take that with a grain of salt, of course. That same esteemed paragon also said in the same message "as I said before, crude must hit $70 for SOSA to get to $15." We are trading at $15.06 in Olso, with oil still under $65.

      Of course, this epitome of insight and wisdom remains a source of hope and inspiration to us lesser mortals.

    • 'You should sell..else you will suffer in the end.'

      Meggy, i hear you loud and bought another 1000 alone have been responsible for my $145K gain from SOSA, and i just want to sing your praises to everyone, you have driven SOSA to new highs with a flood of new investors, institutions, funds , etc who have poured into SOSA having become aware of your amazing capacity to be wrong all of the time, well done meggy, you are the best,
      luvs ya bud,
      P.S. a little bird told me that you are attending evening classes and that now you can count all the way up to potato! well done!