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  • doctorapu2003 doctorapu2003 Dec 8, 2002 11:48 AM Flag

    Sanofi "marketing" is an Oxymoron

    Sanofi screwed the pooch big time in marketing Arixtra. Just how poorly done was the Arixtra launch? Let us count the ways:

    1. Sanofi ignored the advice of the medical community and overpriced Arixtra, instantly alienating hospital pharmacies. Sanofi arrogantly disregarded the fact that no matter how efficacious a new drug is, it needs to be priced competively vs. the competition(Lovenox, Fragmin and the dirt-cheap warfarin).

    2. Sanofi's marketing staff are in way over their heads- they clearly were not proactive in providing useful detail aids, pharmacoeconomic data, and developing national speakers, other than the "I'll promote any and all anticoagulants" whore Turpie from Canada.

    3. Choosing Organon as a co-marketer was a disaster. Organon's salesforce is used to the easy sale of Zemuron, and was not suited to the rigors of selling an orthopedic drug in the complex hospital setting.

    The irony of all the above is that Sanofi must reduce fixed costs, and of course many hard-working, dedicated Sanofi salespeople will receive termination/reassignment as their Xmas bonus.
    Sanofi's squandering of the opportunity to market a state-of-the-art anticoag will go down in history as one of the all-time major f***ups in pharma promotion.

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    • Agreed. Excellent perspective.

      Word has it that the guy leading Arixtra marketing was essentially handed the job b/c he was a frat brother of one of the Sales VPs.

      Bock Pharmacal "old boys club" still has way too much influence in the company.

      The resulting nepotism, bestowing critical top level jobs to unqualified people, will ultimately continue to hurt the company until someone at the top sees this and cuts out current management.

      Until then, great products will continue to go nowhere.

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      • 1. You hire a shell company to funnel all marketing through. Price product right. Break Levenox contract by offering incentitives to contract with Sanofi.

        2. Hire Lovenox reps to market. Give them a up to 20,000 more to come on over.

        3. Investigators/thought leaders meeting in Milan to launch product. All expenses paid. Every Surgeon/orthopedist/Hematologist is a thought leader!
        4. Reps required to do two dinner programs a week. Pay key surgeons consulting fee to educate key nurses on product.

        5. Arixtra golf tournement at pebble beach! Funnel through schell company!

        6. 6 month thought leaders meeting Cabo San Lucus!

        Oh hell I am giving away the plan for free!

        Woops I spent 100 million but my sale are now at 12 million a month.

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