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  • lottopol.geo lottopol.geo Nov 10, 2004 5:05 PM Flag

    Acomplia (rimonabant) risks

    I have to admit, when I read the 'Acomplia (riamonabant) risks' post I thought that that woman could've had the underpinnings of MS (or even had MS) without the symptoms for quite some time prior to taking rimonabant (very possible and they're finding now not all that uncommon - it's called benign MS). Limiting endorphin production could've simply exascerbated the problems/condition for her.

    "Even though Acomplia has been tested on more than 13,000 people in Phase III trials, if the odds are that 1 in 13,000 that it causes MS, that would probably doom Acomplia. That there is a proposed causation by which Acomplia's action on the nervous system leads to MS and an actual case of MS in an Acomplia trial could preclude FDA approval."

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    • Shmuck! There is no way on gods earth to demonstrate that 1/13,000 get ms from any drug including aspirin. Check the facts. The incidence of MS in the US is about 1/1000. So 1/1000 that shit every day get MS!

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      • Actually, there would be a decent way to suggest that Acomplia causes MS, but it realistically would require a large case-control study, since nobody is going to do a randomized controlled trial to test the hypothesis that Acomplia causes MS. The case control study would require FDA approval of the drug to enable an adequate exposure of the population to the drug. Short of this, the drug would have to cause a whole lot more than one case in 10,000 to be considered a real problem early on.

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