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  • healthy_johnsons healthy_johnsons Jan 12, 2011 10:24 AM Flag


    The lower numbers reported by Genzyme are due to lowered sales of Cerezyme. IOW, it's what I've been saying all along.....that Genzyme is running into headwinds with increasing competition in the rare disease market they once had sole claim to.

    This is why Viehbacher was and is a dolt to offer anywhere close to his initial price for Genzyme. Genzyme will be nothing but an anchor on the stock price. Meanwhile, Viehbacher can shuffle papers for a few years "integrating" it all and five years from now, when it's apparent to even the most amateur of analysts it all went nowhere, Viehbacher can exit with his golden parachute.

    Viehbacher has as much foresight as a tunneling mole in my backyard.

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    • Oh yeah.

      Good for a trade but I am not sticking around afterwards.

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      • Hi, First time post, though I try to read this from time to time; nice to see some intelligent investing conversation, too, unlike some other boards. I would really appreciate some knowledgeable advice.

        I made an investment in this co. about 6 months ago, basically, following WEB's Brk. I am really not knowledgeable enough to have invested in this industry, and am thinking of exiting as I am near to the break-even point, at last. It sounds like you are saying that the arbs will have to cover soon, should the deal go through with Genzyme, so SNY's price will spike? If I'm understanding you correctly on this, might you venture a rough guess for a price on SNY as to when to sell? Many thanks for your experienced advice!

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