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  • beartooth777 beartooth777 Oct 26, 2009 8:17 PM Flag

    read the 10Q

    that whats they said about CDOs, MBS,; i dont dispute that the stock is going up but no one can point to any thing substantive to justify the rise. people like you are simply buying cause its going up - do you know the PE? do you know how much revenue has been realized since the 10Q warning? i dont doubt they have an interesting product and they are increasing sales but its not cocaine. the numbers dont add up

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    • Any intelligent negatives are welcome if properly presented.

      Strongest fact going for it presently is the addition of board members from prestigous companies and the overwhelming potential for tapping the huge market share still available to be tapped in the future. Remember, only a tiny portion of the market is presently tapped.

      In addition there is the huge possibility for using the product in yogurts, icecreams, etc.

    • Image if the following scenarios play out:

      Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts start offering Susta sweetner.

      Stores like K-Mart and Walmart (who have refrigerated sections in the store) start carrying Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies.

      Supermarkets outside of the NE start adding Susta to their store inventory.

      Convenience stores nationwide start to carry Susta and Healthy Dairy products.

      Announcements by cereal makers announce Susta in their sugary cereals. Great taste, less sugar, more fiber, everyone wins.

      Other diet food lines launched containing Susta.

      Studies on Susta and diabetes show positive results.

      NXT cola announced.

      Its a good time to own this stock. Be sure to do your own due diligence and like some have suggested put in stops to protect against any bad news that invariably comes up during the course of doing business.