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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Dec 1, 2009 9:47 PM Flag


    just received the sales pitch in the this stock is such a scammer in my opinion.......who is the last one holding the bag on this one - will be fun to see how high the pumpers will get it to go before the inevitable what a piece of crappola.

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    • Yo Bagholder
      Do you have a job? or is your job to produce some BS. Scam,scam scam...go find something else to write about. You must not have your funds available to buy the stock yet before it goes to the moon, so in all your wisdom your gonna talk it down. Yeah ,your right,,,its your OPINION just like its my opinion

    • This is garbage dump material. Don't you just love how all the pumpers just love the product, buy it but none of them can answer the other poster about how much it costs in the store. They'll disappear very soon when the final dump hits and in minutes they will be all but wiped out.

      • 1 Reply to fredbristeriii
      • We need some bashers who can present the "con" case substantially and convincingly, with data and information that should give us serious pause. So far, the bashers we've had here have been pathetic.

        Look, seriously, I want to hear the "cons", in substance. I really do want to hear them! I want to see both sides impartially. And FWIW I've seen really good "bashers" (for lack of a better term) on other boards and stocks, who had data and knowledge on their side, and turned out to be right. But I'm just not seeing it here yet.

        We all know NXT's financial condition; that's a given. And we know it's a work in progress. And we know SUSTA is a little pricey at this point in time. (But then, so are "organic" veggies and fruits, and even meats -- and yet plenty of people seem to be willing to pay extra for those, because they believe they are more healthful.)

        But serious marketing of SUSTA just started a couple months ago, and they now have product on the shelves -- *many* shelves -- and we won't know much about the uptake until after the 4th quarter ends and they report again.

        But they've somehow today gained a very famous spokesman (their *second* one) who's agreed to be paid entirely in shares. That is a clue. You think Shaq has nothing better to do with his time and energy?

        So what's the matter, Fred? Did you miss the call to cover your shorts, or fail to obey it?

    • Yo Bagholder
      I bought a box of the sweetener and have all the confidence in the world this ones going through the roof. Just sit there and watch. or buy some for yourself if you have a dime to rub together and see how it tastes. Never budged my insulin effects and the taste lasts forever. Like all the other stocks out there I actually tried this one and it tasted great. See you in Scottsdale