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  • newtsdog newtsdog Sep 14, 2010 12:48 PM Flag

    who thinks CTL is in dieing business

    motley fool says so does that make it so?

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    • I was also taught at an early age to be wary of anyone who used the phrase "we all". What "we all" are you talking about. Have you got a rat in your pocket? I'm afraid that you can't self appoint yourself leader. But I'm not surprised that you tried. You take care of yourself. Seriously.

    • I'm most always mad when I resort to calling someone stupid. I guess that's just me.I know that being anonymous and behind a computer makes timid men strong.

    • Okay fine. You can have the last word. I'mtier of playing with you and sure you have many other errors to point out so, good bye and again,have a nice life. I'm not mad at all.I just hate to see stupid people try to make others look like less in an attempt to make themselves look better. You are the one looking like a fool and we can all see that in your posts.

    • Now you are lying. Not lieing. You are soooooooo funny.Does your boss know that you post on company time?

    • You are as touchy,feely as any girl I know. Why would calling you phone man be insulting? Isn't your poster name phone guy?? If there is a problem here it appears that it belongs to you.. I also noticed that you appeared from nowhere and have posted less than 10 times. Yet you choose to attack me after saying I should only speak about CTL. You haven't spoken about them in your last several posts. What's up with that. I say again that you are one thin-skinned individual. Get over yourself. Life will be much more rewarding. Just finished your post and you are right. I bought last Thursday and right now am up about $7000. I will leave soon so that you can patrol the board looking for people who you accuse of patrolling the board. Ironic isn't it? By the way I think are another alias for the poster who couldn't spell dying. He doesn't appear upset at all. But you are livid. H..MMMMMM..... Go figure.

    • Oh yeah, and I have 3012 shares.

    • Phone man? Are we calling names now? Okay then Mr. Rebelious Lady Deer, let me tell you something that you might not know about yourself. The fact is that it was not spelled right. Another fact is that I noticed that also and didn't point it out, nor did the other responders. Does it really matter to anyone other than you. It was spelled well enough that I was able to tell what the post was about. The other fact is that you don't have any input here except to point out a word that was spelled wrong. One more fact is that I don't sell anything on the phone but, rather make sure you have a phone line so you can get connected and critisize others for their spelling errors. Now if you have something constructive to say the say it. If not then shut up and move on with your 3000 shares of CTL. By the way, if you only have an even 3000 shares then you are a newby to this stock anyway so, we probably don't need what input you might have. Now move along to your next victom and maybe the other responders won't lash out at you as they have here. I learned a long time ago that, when you try to make yourself look better by making others look worse than you. You only make yourself look like a fool. Take a good look in the mirror and tell us what you see Mr. Rebelious Lady Deer. Have a nice life.

    • Thanks phone man. You appear to be the BS artist here. I deal in facts whether you believe them or not.Remember that this all started because some dumbass headlined his post by showing he couldn't spell dying. Now take your thin-skinned self and get on that phone and try to sell something.

    • Indeed it will my fine feathered friend.

    • What do you mean odd purchase. How do you get paid your div for you 3000 shares? In shares or cash or maybe even in food stamps or something like that. rebeldoe I have typed this very slow so it would be easier for you to read. However I didn't spell check it though so, correct any errors I might have in here. By the way; is school out today or what?I don't undersand how you are on here in the middle of the day. Does your teacher know that your surfing and picking fights with big kids today? Again, GROW UP rebeldoe!!!

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