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  • lavendersin lavendersin Nov 6, 2012 11:47 PM Flag

    Masta Bongo Bongo has been called the 'winner'


    The White genocide will proceed as planned. The colored illegal immigrant will rule White majority America.

    Whites are now only 7% of the world population. The projection(the plan) is that Whites will be a mere 1-2% by 2100.

    Prepare if you are White. The banksters have reinstalled Bongo Bongo to continue executing their plan of eliminating the White majority(genocide), as he performed this task so well in his first term.

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    • It won't last 'til 2100. At most it will go 20 years and I believe a whole lot less. Lav, and all, have you ever looked up the Dogon tribe of West Africa? Very interesting story they have and it doesn't fit "accepted" stories. Oddly, there is a lot of proof that they are telling the truth. Also, read the lore of the Dravidian peoples of India. They pretty much have the same story. My father traveled the world in both the Navy and oceanagraphic research groups. He ran into some interesting lore in very out of the way places such as Rapa Nui. (Easter Island) It makes you realize that those that run things hide much from the general public.

    • Give it a rest D Bag. You lost. Deal with it, loser. It can't possibly be any worse than 8 years of the retarded monkey GW.

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      • Something you and your ilk don't understand. The same people that put the "Retarded Monkey" in power also put Liver Lips in power. If you weren't retarded yourself you could easily check this fact out. Between Bush and the Kenyan they have turned the WHOLE government finance over to ex officers of Goldman-Sacks. Goldman-Sachs is the agent for the Rothschilds in this country.

      • It can't possibly be any worse ..."

        Think again!!

        Do the internet search of your choice and chart the progression of our National debt...

        Four more years, similar to the last four years, will put us in similar stead with Greece.

        Do you really believe that following floundering European countries into financial oblivion is the right path for this once great nation?

        Collectively, we snubbed the opportunity to break this losing cycle and regain financial prosperity. We certainly could have done much better!... Obama is blatantly clueless regarding how to get there!

        Not only can it "possibly be any worse", it very likely will get significantly worse.

        When the inevitable crash-and-burn eats our collective lunch, who is Obama going to blame for his failures during his 2012-2016 term?....... the failed predecessor administration of 2008-2012?....

        Or will it STILL be "Bush's fault"???

      • hey slepwalker.bull gw was better than bongo bongo. we are now worse of than ever. and the next 4 years are going to be a catastrophe. so hold on to yer shorts, that may be all you will have left when this clown is done

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