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  • bumr8 bumr8 Jan 29, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    this company is a joke


    had their service in FL.....Worst experience in my life....horrible customer service as well as the service....DSL...and Land lines ...Cmon its 2013.....look for a $20.00 Drop in pps....Shorting down to $20.00

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    • YOU may have had a bad service situation, but those things happen with any service provider. For years I had horrible internet service with AT&T's U-verse so I complained loudly but it seemed there was no solution. Until I discovered 1) electrical interference from the building's electric box at my unit, and 2) it was easy to BUY a signal booster within my house. So I took back what I was saying about AT&T and you probably have some unresolved issue but that is YOUR issue. Company is solid, don't go bashing it just because you have a personal problem.

    • Wrong! This is a good company that works, plans, and executes more rights than wrongs to maintain stability and yet grow their business.going forward. The type business they're in is tough, changing, competitive, and fraught with government intervention. It is, quite frankly, a very challenging business to be in today, yet this firm has quality management and highly skilled employees in place who are motivated to consistently perform to get the right job done. A joke? Please give it a rest!

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      • No bone to pick with CTL but from an investment standpoint do not see the current model sustainable. When you state "business they're in is tough, changing, competitive, and fraught with government intervention.", you have identified much of the businesses in the US today.
        CTL has enormous debt level to where they could not go out and get additional capital on the open market recently, 90% dividend payout with a declining business. With the two huge mergers, Embarq and Qwest, one cannot really tell their true financials at this point. They did these deals when we had strong economical growth and not sure what the real value is now, certainly not a 39% PE.
        The "quality management" determination has to wait and see if they are capable of creating stockholder value over a long period of time.
        No growth potential in the business so at this stage would have to "short" it a year or two out.

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    • Maybe someone should look at their Net Income and their Dividends - How iwll they fund their Dividends going forward?

      Net Income for 2011 $573 million - Dividends $1.556 billion - they borrowed $1 billion to pay the dividends

      Their quick ratio is negative - Something has to give

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    • The 7.2 % yield is nothing to laugh at. And the Street isn't laughing either: 8 strong buys, 8 buys, 5 holds, no underperforms or sells.

    • Your "look for a $20 drop" & "shorting to $20" will prove to be the worst bet you EVER made.. That is, if you're not just a "shorty" (your girlfriend told on you) trying to scare the uninformed..

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